Autism Product Review: The Sleep Sheep

Rhymed and soothing sleep on the way.

Stuffed animals remain the paradigm of sleep aids. Heck, the paradigm of aid in being a kid.

Little Sleep Sheep here, she arrives with more than the paradigm’s share of potential helps.

Mostly, she sounds off.

The Sleep Sheep features four sounds that even the crusty old Hughes Brothers found soothing. Well-chosen these sounds, all natural, Heaven’s own lullabies.

Autism Product Review: Sleep Sheep Review by
Autism Product Review: Sleep Sheep Review by

Your little one will relax to warm and oh so gently thumping heartbeats. To waves rolling across eternal beaches just beside the bed there. To raindrops falling on the womb itself, relaxing the random plop of drops from a sympathetic sky. And whale songs. Whale songs, for good sleep’s sake, those patterned regular, babily predictable clicks, whistles, and pulsed calls. How very wonderful: a giant humpback lulls the smallest of children off to peaceful, easy sleep.

Autism Product: The Sheep Sleep features

· A user-friendly push-button sound selector

· Volume control

· Automatic stop that shuts Sleep Sheep to sleep herself, a stop after either 23 or 45 minutes (The Hughes Brothers are far from hep to the magical qualities of 23 . . . not 20, not 25 . . . minutes to songs’ end. So be it, 23 it is.)

· A Velcro strap for easy attachment of good old Sleep Sheep to a bedpost, a comforting rail next to a toddler’s tiny silent ear

· Removable sound box includes – thank you, Sleep Sheep people, thank you – two AA batteries

· A storybook

· And yes, an adoption certificate

Softness upon softness, tactile and lovable.

Beyond cute, cuddly in the way a month-old puppy is cuddly, Sleep Sheep plays white noise. But the Hughes Brothers simply cannot agree with the manufacturer’s description here. Our observations of grand-nephews responding to the Sleep Sheep tell us that “white noise” does not begin to describe the coos and the comfort coming from this foot=high bundle of love. Mary’s little lamb here will go with your child throughout her day, will be the last touch, the last lilt of his day.

A mother’s heartbeat at the touch of a button.

Infants find nothing so reassuring as the regular beat of the womb, the omnipresent now of a mother’s love feeding her baby with every quiet little, soft little thump of her heart. Sleep Sheep mimes perfectly, replicating into those tender moments before sleep arrives.

And sound levels are dialed way down. Attuned. Just right for the sensitivities of these babies, these toddlers, even these aging children we call parents.

A warning in this regard!
Do not leave infant unattended with product. This product is not intended for use in a crib.

Autism Product: The Sheep Sleep Specs

Plus an award or two.


Item Weight: 1.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 9.8 x 6.7 inches

Item model number: 7303-Z8

Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)

Target gender: Unisex

Material Type: Latex Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Lead Free

Number of items: 1

Style: Cloud B

Power source type: Battery

Dishwasher safe:No

Plus. Plus, plus, Sleep Sheep has won several industry awards, including the National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval and the iParenting Media Award. Way to go, SS.

Autism Product: The Sheep Sleep Rating

The only quibbles we’ve encountered.

· A complaint or two about the fit of the sound box into the plush – but bear in mind, the box is not designed for full enclosure. The control buttons and the power wheel will operate outside SS, with the Velcro strap to hold it tight. Remember too, the box does not function as an inevitable ingredient of the sheep’s lovability: with the sound machine removed, your child can cuddle away with her new, now quiet friend.

· Some concerns about keeping the Sheepster clean. The Hughes Brothers do not recommend submersion, but then we so seldom do. Spot cleaning should maintain healthfulness for all concerned.

· And finally, a few comments regretting that the SS does not send out its soothes all night long. Knowing that three-quarters of an hour in, the animal will go dark, but be consoled in the fact that the slightest bit of audibility from your baby will immediately restart the timer.

Forty bucks might seem a bit pricey.

It’s not.

Ask any family now enjoying the happy, happy consequences of just the right sounds at just the right time of evening.

Rest easy with Sleep Sheep, say the Hughes Brothers.