Autistic Calming Covers

A medium-weighted blanket for everyone.

At six pounds, this comfort blanket works well from kindergartners to their grandparents. A workable, marvelously constructed therapeutic blanket, designed and sewn for all best results in adults and children confronting sensory, anxiety, autism, and sleep issues of every sort.

Right up front, know this: gift wrapping available from the good people at The Swanky Stitchery.

Colors and patterns matter with Calming Covers

Here they are in all their cartoonish glory.

But first a note about that wondrous term “minky.” Minky is a sensuous sort of beyond- plush fabric. A full 100% polyester. Think of fleece– but softer and thicker and warmer and more consoling and lasting in its affection for you and yours.) .

Purple butterflies
Blue turtles minky
Brown dinosaurs — brown!
Hearts, red of course
Nautical anchors mink
Panda minky
Pink mermaids minky, as indeed all mermaids should be pink, pink and perfect
Woodland minky
Yellow flowers

Not one thing bland or usual in these blankets. Not one.

The Swanky Stitchery begins with designer fabrics, high-end stuff made for this very specific, this very soothing purpose. Maybe you have some experience with weighted blankets as a means of helping your child sleep sooner, sleep better, sleep longer.

Maybe that experience didn’t accumulate to all that you’d hoped for.

Swanky Stitchery will change your mind now. Right now.

Good sleep can stand some style. Sure it can.

Calming Covers begin with couture designers such as Michael Miller or, say, Riley Blake.

Calming Covers. Size and use matter too. Sure they do.

Pick blankets sized from small to extra-large. Pick your fabric: plush mink, soft flannel, good old cotton, King Cotton, good and true to this day, to this purpose.

These purposes, rather: the ideal sleep blanket for your child with autism, but also a lap cover or, outdoors, multi-used off toward a beach or picnic blanket for all ages.

All told, a blanket for the ages.

A lost thought, the weight in these weighted blankets.

So, so many weighted blankets depend on glass beads or sand for their heft and comfort. Not so with products from The Swanky Stitchery. These blankets arrive full of food-grade — food-grade! — plastic pellets. You know, the pellets used to make milk containers or, same deal, baby bottles. As such, expect no leaks. Do not worry about toxins of any sort, perfectly safe these blankets for infants, toddlers, and pets. Machine washable, of course.

A guarantee your child can sleep soundly upon.

Swanky Stitchery’s business is bound up with the particular needs of their little adopted daughter Ella. You may nod off so very easily knowing that these weighted blankets will come to you with a guarantee of your total, your complete and happy satisfaction: a thirty-day money back deal plus one year free replacement.

Wrap your child in swank.

And rest easy.