Book Review: The Un-Prescription for Autism

The Un-Prescription for Autism: A Natural Approach for a Happier, Calmer, and More Focused Child by Janet Lintala

In a first for Hughes Brothers, we’re beginning here with disclaimers. As we must since, per the author, her title might lead families to some false assumptions about the book’s intent. The Hugheses are so, so taken with this little masterpiece that we want not the slightest impingement on its integrity.

In Ms. Lintala’s own words, “I do not recommend that you stop your or your child’s prescription medications. Once he or she feels better, that is a conversation between you and the prescribing doctors. Nothing in this book treats, cures or prevents autism and my book is not the ‘Anti-Prescription’.” Key word: “anti.”

Rather, this book proceeds from the observation that “The conventional medical approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tends to be prescription medications that reduce the symptoms of underlying medical problems, but don’t address the medical problems themselves.” The old medical conundrum of treating results – in this case, difficult behaviors – rather than causes that often lie in medical conditions ignored by the clinicians. Of course, most meds bring along side effects which, with autism, may actually amplify the underlying roots of the problem. So, Ms. Lintala insists that “simple natural approaches work best at my center.”

The Un-Prescription for Autism Features

(Our author and guide Janet Lintala operates the Autism Health Center in West Virgina (2401 S. Kanawha Street, Suite 106, Beckley WV, 25801 Phone: 304.255.2550).

Supported by the latest clinical and behavioral research, the recommendations jumping off every page of this book arise from Ms. Lintala’s experience, what with three sons struggling with all sorts of mental-health issues: Asperger syndrome, Tourette disorder, OCD, anxiety and ADHD. These recommendations address the underlying physical issues — chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal dysfunction, immune dysregulation – associated with the behavioral, bowel, and sleep problems that so frequently accompany autism. Ms. Lintala’s ideas for relief come straight-forward, no-nonsense. She discusses probiotics, antifungals, and other non-psychiatric treatments in pursuit of a child suffering less pain and feeling less aggression, a child more open to interventions both behavioral and educational.

The book halves itself, Part 1 explaining the whys of the protocol, listing the rules to be followed while Part 2 brings along the hows, explaining the action steps that will lead to relief of symptoms after targeting the underlying physical problems. Certainly, one The Un-Prescription’s greatest strengths lies in the far-ranging details of its action plans. Chapter 9, in fact, consists of a sample of an entire year’s basic gastrointestinal-support protocol.

The Hughes Brothers must tell you that not everyone is as smitten with this book as are we. It does seem to us, however, that most negative reviews come written by people who reject out of hand the concept of dietary intervention. That is, they haven’t read the book, do not intend to read the book, and suggest that “families work with the medical doctor before trying any of this! There is no cure for autism except acceptance and accommodation. Accept your child and help him/her learn life skills; don’t restrict his/her diet for no reason.”

And so. There stands the opposition. For our part, the Hughes Brothers give this book our strongest recommendation. And we’re far from alone.

The book has won its share of recognition among the alternative-medicine community. In our opinion, The Un-Prescription for Autism deserves every syllable of recognition that comes its way.

The Un-Prescription for Autism Awards

· Winner, Gold Award Best Book Awards Health/Alternative Medicine category

· Winner, Gold Award Bookvana Book Awards Health and Healing: Psychology/Mental Health

· Winner, Gold Award Bookvana Book Awards Health and Healing: Alternative Medicine

· Winner, Book Excellence Awards, Alternative Medicine

The Un-Prescription for Autism: A Natural Approach for a Calmer, Happier, and More Focused Child