Games and Toys for Children with Autism

The Hughes Brothers have observed what you too have long known: a Google or Amazon search for “Toys for Children with Autism” will produce more configurations of soft plastic than three Wal-Marts might ever hold. That said, we’ve picked out, firstly, a game unlike any we’ve seen before and, secondly, a toy collection that to our minds represents the positives and negatives of the genre in a most democratic way, consistent with its cousins on Page, oh, 127 of the Amazon listings.

We begin with a game, a toy that stands alone, as far we know, uncopied.

Pin Art Toy for Autistic Kids

Actually, the longish name of the product (not included here) includes adult participation in the fun, the maker suggesting that this pin art thingee will serve “kiddos as young as eight to adults looking for a great way to kill the time,
hone their creativity, or relieve some stress.”

Pin Art Toy for Autistic Kids Specs

Let’s turn to the specifics.

· An immediate, accessible means of self-expression. In three dimensions. From the most basic of shapes to configurations approaching works of art.

· Simplicity itself: the creativity arises from the pushing of pins into a board that then brings to life all this eye-catching design. From nothing but blacks and chromes come these fulfilling demonstrations of thought and feeling.

· The board a six-inch star shape that, again per the manufacturer, “makes your cool creation stand out even more.”

· Built to last, this star and its pins – the latter designed to remain exactly where you put them, no slipping out hereabouts with these corrosion-resistant stainless steels pins ready for insertion into a board lightweight but still sturdy, sturdy in its hard, enduring plastic; the result, pins that remain year after year, rust-free, unbending, waiting for good times and creative thought.

· Ready to be a semi-permanent item of décor; again, per its makers, “time-honored metal pin art, a great stress-reliever” and, with enough original ideas, “an awesome conversation starter.” (The Hughes Brothers seem to be relying rather heavily on the promotional verbiage of the pin-art games’ creators. To be sure, but only because we agree wholeheartedly with the claims.)

· Soothing means of sharing focus and enjoyable passage of the hours with children all along the autism spectrum.

· Guaranteed product satisfaction; total and complete money-back guarantee; upon any sort of dissatisfaction either an immediate replacement or a full refund of the really quite reasonable fifteen-dollar purchase price.

Any one of your generic “sensory processing, learning resource, anxiety relief, stress reduction, fidgeting” implements.

The Hugheses threw one of Brother Curtis’ competitive darts at a list of the toys described above and, lo and behold, there stuck the page belonging to, of all people, Mr. E=MC2 and his Twelve Tools for Kids. Here’s what will arrive with your order.

Pin Art Toy for Autistic Kids includes

· Big MC’s variety value pack including knobby balls, pencil grips, stretchy string, squeeze ball, puzzle balls, lizards – no fooling, lizards, and there toward the bottom of the package, smiley emoji men

Here are the values toward which the value pack aspires.

· Increased attention, greater focus and construction.

· Reduction of anxiety and, get this!, wiggles.

· Academic applications: increased reading fluency and comprehension, more writing skills.

· Self-regulation for children all along the autism spectrum.

· “Uniquely satisfying tactile sensation.”

· Nice pairing of the elements of this kit with sensory necklaces, chewelry, koosh balls, putty, and sensory weighted blankets or vests.

Mr. E suggests that his purpose throughout remains “an inexpensive starter bundle” so that parents and teachers might locate the specific toys that answer individual kiddos’ individual needs.

Pin Art Toy for Autistic Kids Reviews

And then there come the complaints.

· Cheaply constructed.

· “Not what I expected.”

· And “a complete waste of time.”

This last comment a bit harsh, huh?

The Hughes Brothers recommendation: these sets of toys are a dime a dozen dollars, a hit and miss proposition involving your beloved little one’s likes and dislikes. So. Pick one, much as Curtis’ magic dart, and see what for less than fifteen bucks you might find to like.

MORE INFO HERE:6” Star Pin Art Game for Kids or Adults by ArtCreativity-Pin Art Toy for Autistic Kids-Stainless Steel Metal Pins, Sturdy Plastic Frame-Great Party Favor/Gift for Boys-Girls/Office Desk Decoration


The Hughes Brothers apologize for a too-sweeping statement in the review just above. The pin art toy described there is not unique. We just ran across another toy built on the same premise, the Rhode Island Novelty Pin Point Impressions Metal Pin Art. We continue to believe, however, that we reviewed the clearly superior product.