Hanging Swing Chair for Kids

The Hughes Brothers have always had a thing for swings. Ours all handmade, in all our favorite hangouts, including a forty-foot rope swing out over Blood Creek, the swings of our boyhood were almost always the beginning – or the near-drowned end – of our adventures.

This swing arrives from a company called Harkla, a company who has assembled here a superior product, a company who has anticipated quite well the needs of a child with autism, a company we have found to be responsive and helpful after the sale. The swing functions equally well as both a sensory and a therapeutic tool.

The best things about the swing

· Comfortable in the extreme: the Hughes Brothers have personal experience in which our little cousins sit therein for hours.

· Safe: the swing is rated for up to 150 pounds of weight.

· Durable: with no shortcuts of any kind in its materials, the swing should provide years of service.

· Workable: the swing delivers an unmistakable calming effect on young children.

· Hassle-free: the swing comes with all necessary accessories – no immediate trips to the hardware store – including ceiling hooks, a carabiner, and an air pump.

· Bonded: the hanging swing chair comes with a lifetime, money-back guarantee. (And the price is right, at eighty bucks full boat.)

The science of the swing.

This swing has been designed for children looking for a secure, reassuring place to hide away for a bit. Inside the swing’s cocoon all is calm, all is right. Relaxation is a given. At the same time, the child is improving a sense of balance, is controlling the body with easy movements back and forth, side to side. With more robust movement, the child can burn off excess energy in a hurry.

Up or down, day or night.

Any swing can help a hyperactive child, channeling her mania of the moment into every higher swoops through the air. This swing in particular can stand up to the hardest use, can withstand the fits of anger, the stiff wills of children with autism. The swing can also ease that child’s fears, can assuage his restlessness at two in the morning. Often, a simple change of venue – bed to swing – will put the child to peaceful, easy sleep.

A word about the constrction of the swing.

We’ve already attested to the durability of the swing’s canvas. Bit it’s soft as well, and softer still with each washing, (cold water, gentle cycle, hang drying). As such, children can take immediate joy in its enveloping touch with, usually, plenty of room for dolls and stuffed animals and other kid items.

A nice afterthought.

The manufacturers have included a free little download entitled, “The Ten Best Ways To Improve Your Child’s Autistic Symptoms. A handy guide, the piece addresses the importance of diet, games that stretch the intelligence, the removal of toxins, and other such topics, before referencing more than fifty studies on autism and childhood development, many of these references also useful to children without ASD.

Or two.

The Hughes Brothers call special attention to the chair-swing’s manufacturer, a company called Harkla, a company that offers therapeutic products of the highest quality for children with anxiety, sleep issues, and special needs such as autism. The lifetime guarantee that we mentioned above applies to all Harkla products, a rare sort of reassurance these days.

Harkla’s mission statements comes immediately to the point, “To help individuals live happy and healthy lives.” That nobility of spirit carries over, big time, to customer service wherein promptness, friendliness, courtesy, product knowledge, and integrity are the watchwords.

The Hughes Brothers recommend Harkla products without reservation.

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