LUNA Kids Natural Sleep Aid Tablets for Children

The LUNA details.

Made for children four-plus years of age, also sensitive adults (The Hughes Brothers offer no suggestion what constitutes sensitivity in the case of grown-ups.)

Sixty chewable pills in each bottle, usually retailed at $15 or so

Very gentle, entirely safe for children

Herbal ingredients: chamomile, valerian, lemon balm

And melatonin, which LUNA lumps with the other herbs when, truly, melatonin is a hormone, secreted by the pineal gland in the brain

The story of a sleep-aid with some maturity about it.

The principal ingredients in LUNA tablets have been used for centuries to improve sleep. Chamomile and lemon balm bring calming, soothing help to the tired child. Valerian root functions as a mild sedative. All gentle and non-habit forming.

Now about that melatonin.

LUNA claims that “We add a very small amount of melatonin to nudge your child to sleep at night without feeling groggy in the morning.” Okay, fine.

But know this: melatonin inevitably leads to more REM sleep, that deep slumber wherein dreams arise. REM sleep is a phenomenon of normal circadian rhythm (the daily progress of waking hours and sleep in its various cycles), and the dreams do follow.

A consideration about your child’s dreams.

The Hughes Brothers have encountered complaints from parents who admit that the LUNA tables do indeed help their children fall asleep, stay asleep. But. But some of the dreams which follow are no fun at all. Nightmarish in a heart-wrenching way for parents who overhear their child enthralled to a bad, bad dream.

We must caution the post-hoc/propter-hoc logical fallacy here. Just because the poor child suffered through some personal boogymen after taking melatonin, that fact does necessarily that the poor child suffered through some personal boogymen because of taking melatonin.

At the same time, we know children who report fairy-tale dreams, happy endings all around, after using LUNA a half-hour before bedtime.

Your child’s friend, vitamin D.

LUNA tablets bring along a major boost of supplemental vitamin D3. Essential for good health all around, a healthful level of vitamin D has been shown to enhance quality of sleep and, come morning, to uplift kiddos’ mood.

Meanwhile, the tablets themselves are kid-friendly.

Parents, take comfort in LUNA pills popping into little Junior’s eager mouth with no sugar whatsoever, with a flavor of tropical berries that LUNA bets he’s going to like. All natural flavors, of curse, with stevia-leaf extract and xylitol, a sweet-tasting crystalline alcohol derived from xylose, as found in some plant tissues.

Now, about dosages.

The bottle dose says “one tablet twenty or thirty minutes before bedtime.” Some parents have experimented with dosages ranging from a half-tablet for very young or, again, “sensitive” children, while two tables have proven best for teenagers.

Noteworthy: Mike Hughes’ daughters have encountered families wherein whatever dosage has been given is, for some reason or other, interrupted. Each of those families report next-morning regression, after restless sleep and consequent lethargy and rotten mood.

About the price.

Pure melatonin, over the counter, costs less than the average cost for sixty LUNA tablets, but some parents believe that the rather miniscule amount of melatonin here interferes less with the pineal gland’s usual work.

Lastly, about LUNA the company.

The Hughes Brothers admit being softies for sentiment, genuine sentiment, and LUNA manifests such here, there, and all the time. We mean, here’s a pharmaceutical company asking for it all: “You are our beloved customers. And we hope you’ll love us too.” These folks advertise “a new standard of honesty in the health supplement industry.” LUNA insists on third-party testing of every batch of supplements off the line. Good gosh, they seek happiness as a consequence of using their products.

One could do worse.

LUNA Kids | 1 Sleep Aid Tablets for Children 4+ and Sensitive Adults | Naturally Sourced Ingredients | 60 x Chewable Pills | Gentle, Herbal Supplement with Chamomile, Melatonin, Valerian & Lemon Balm