OZzzz’s Sleep Aid for Children Fruit Flavored, EZ Melts

Dear parents and loved ones, we can vouch that hundreds upon hundreds of people of goodwill have in this product found much to like, somewhat to love. Beginning with the go-to-sleep routine itself: many of our samplers found, with periodic adjustments of dosage, a bedtime procedure that became – in a couple of days – a soothing routine, a habit of relaxation and family togetherness that, no fooling, began and ended in a pill.

The good news followed through the night. That is, but a few interruptions of the little one’s sleep, and those fairly silent, decidedly not interrupting. The whole house slept well and long.

The Hughes Brothers in no way pretend to usurp the guidance, the wisdom, the loving care of a pediatrician. But, but. Our relatives who have used this particular sleep aid have found some easy zzzzz’s despite their docs’ notion that orally-admitted, Internet-available solutions do not, not ever produce a happy ending.

The Hughes Brothers, and our sister Cindy, disagree. And we do so for the following reasons.

No interference from typical, oh so expectable childhood illnesses.

Not a kid on God’s green earth who does not, on an hourly basis, encounter enough flu and cold and whooping cough germs to last a child’s lifetime. Thank you, thank you for the immune systems in our kiddos which can resist the ten thousand daily onslaughts of ever-new germs of the most ridiculous sort.


Our cousins in South Dakota – their dad a firefighter, their mom but a fighter, fearless in defense of her children – tried O-and-all-them-Zs in the midst of a flu outbreak that had kept their Alex and his siblings home from school for going on a week. These children’s mayhem with the school system’s crud of the moment in no way intruded on their response to autistic Alex’s response to Oz’s happy, healthful effects on this long-suffering child’s overnight happiness.

Autism Product: OZzzz’s Sleep Aid for Children Fruit Flavored, EZ Melts

Okay, okay, Oz by any other name is still melatonin. But it works.

These magical pills work whether you child naps or not. Whether your child now makes it through the night without horrid interruption of the entire house.

Our family, the extended Hugheses, have tried pretty much everything: magnesium as a supplement; Epsom salts in bath-strength, bath-length sessions of immersion; essential oils for all their alleged and quite particular purposes; teas – oh my gosh – teas just waiting to knock our waiting little guy off toward some sleep that might benefit us all.


Our cousins found this dosage, this night-after-night regimen of the same sleep-inducing stuff. And life is good again. Please be aware that these dosages may, over time, increase a bit. Let’s say a pill at three in the morning after a thunderstorm. Or a dream that none of us might handle on sight.

Even with repeated use, the Oz tablets produce no necessary, no inevitable increase In number of tablets swallowed on an average night.

One really bad experience. Just one, to our knowledge.

The Hughes Brothers must mention one distinctly horrible experience among a far-reaching set of cousins. Fact is, this otherwise benevolent pill produced in Mike Hughes’ granddaughter an event that can be described only as “horrific.” That is, nightmares of the weird kind, fears such as might terrify a little one we love for days, perhaps weeks.


But, but, this sole instance of pity and fear happened – blessedly – but once.

Just once.

But you should know as much.

Happy endings.


We’re talking melatonin here, dear friends. But melatonin in its most effective, its most minimally invasive sort of tablet. And based on our great-nephew’s experience, this being Logan, yet another extended family member with autism – the most talented natural athlete any of us have ever known, this at six years of age – well, big man Logan just jumped way past warm milk, soft music, darkness, machines that allegedly produced some “white noise” for our guy, and all the usual standbys – quiet, reading, a warm bath, an invigorating shower, tight and favorite blankets, time in the rocking chair. And he found right here some relief. The Hughes Brothers and our sister Cindy do so hope and pray that your family might feel the same.

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