Some Ball Chairs Workable For Children With Autism

At the outset, the Hughes Brothers offer these chairs for your consideration without particular endorsement. The following units have proven popular, because each deliver the benefits to be found in a ball chair. These ideally sized seats abet concentration in the classroom and focus at home, as children actively maintain good healthy posture on a balance ball. The chairs reduce fidgeting. They forestall boredom. They sooth restlessness.
Please note: the above virtues apply only when the ball is properly inflated.

The Hughes Brothers have encountered serious problems with taking instruction throughout our lives, but we have learned in our reviewing business the absolute importance of following manufacturers’ guidelines. At the same time, we now understand that the manufacturer often does not provide all the tools necessary for the completion of those guidelines. Nowhere have we seen these two principles more necessary than with these ball chairs.

1) The material used in the construction of the balls demand stretching. Sequential stretching. Stretching accomplished over a three-or-four-day period. Inflation. Partial deflation. Further inflation. And the cycle repeated as necessary with day-long rests in between. The instructions for your particular ball may vary a bit but – trust us! – the ball is almost certainly going to appear too small for the chair’s frame with a single inflation. Do as the manufacturer says. Do exactly as the manufacturer says.

2) Often the pumps that accompany the chairs will prove themselves insufficient to the task at hand. Be prepared to bring a larger bike-tire pump or a foot pump of sort to the task at hand.

On to the chairs themselves then.

Aeromat Junior Ball Chair for Kids

The Aeromat Chair will arrive ready to do the job: compact, light in weight, easily moved from home to classroom and back home again. The ergonomic seating combines the benefits of improved posture with all the promised increase in attention span. The frame is plastic. The properly inflated ball size is fifteen inches. Using the right credit card at sale time could bring the cost of this chair down to just over fifty bucks.

PRODUCT INFO: Aeromat Junior Ball Chair for Kids

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Designed for children from preschool through second grade; that is, kiddos between forty-two and fifty-one inches tall, with a total weight limit of 175 pounds. The chair comes with an air pump described as “easy-inflation,” an adjustable back support bar, a secure metal ball holder, and glidable caster wheels. Nice color combination of blue and green, with a price tag right at seventy dollars.

PRODUCT INFO:Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair – Classic Children’s Stability Ball Chair, Alternative School Classroom Flexible Desk Seating for Active Students with Satisfaction Guarantee, Purple

CanDo Plastic Ball Chair

Just made for children who experience difficulty in sitting for extended periods of time. Promotes sitting actively, alert and engaged during lessons and reading periods. Removable back, but no arms. With the back gone, the child will confront more of a challenge with balance, further strengthening the child’s core, reducing stress in the effort expended. Casters slide well on both carpeted and hard-surfaced floor. They do not lock. Some light assembly is required with his chair.

PRODUCT INFO: CanDo Plastic Mobile Ball Chair, Child Size, 15″

Sierra Comfort SC-0131 Balance Ball Chair with Backrest

Lightweight, hard plastic chair base with backrest, a unit built for bigger kids. Up to 6’2” as a matter of fact, with 5’2” as a beginning serviceable height. Easily maneuverable with a ball twenty inches at full inflation. Handles loads up to three hundred pounds. The Hughes Brothers have noticed frequent complaints about the ball splitting at the seams, even in early use, even with minimal sorts of collision. Sierra Comfort makes a good product. Let’s hope the company addresses their problem with leakage.

PRODUCT INFO:Sierra Comfort SC-0131 Balance Ball Chair with Backrest, 20 Ball”, Black

You’ll find dozens of options for this type of seating for your child. Price points remain about the same. Your choice all around, it would seem.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and Satisfaction Guarantee, Purple