Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone

A one-of a kind tool. A one-of-a-kind review

Never in the history of The Hughes Brothers Reviews have we devoted an entire review to a product costing but seven dollars.

Look out. Here it comes. And please give a listen. In more ways than one.

Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone Review

A reading phone? A reading phone!

The Toobaloo’s manufacturer (Learning Loft) claims, and all sorts of satisfied users – the Brothers included – attest: the Toobaloo will accelerate reading fluency.

But kids being kids, first pick a color – orange, assorted neon, blue, green blue, pink, purple, red, red/purple, or silver.

Now what is the Toobaloo? Why, it’s an educational tool designed to help children learn to read and to enhance speech. Created by a teacher, the Toobaloo gives auditory feedback about reading skills, with particular application to children with autism, auditory processing disorder, stuttering, or dyslexia.

The Toobaloo works its magic that, when children speak into the Toobaloo, they hear themselves, auditory feedback which allows them to make adjustments to fluency and pronunciation. Over time, reading comprehension should improve as well.

Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone The Auditory Feedback Loop

The loop involves the process of saying what one hears and hearing what one says. Breakdowns in that loop compromise several learning activities; concentration, reading, and speech allstand at risk of full development. The consequences of a gap in the loop are not pretty. Low self-esteem. Minimal confidence. Heightened anxiety.

Along comes the Toobaloo, designed to provide crystal-clear auditory feedback, supporting and enhancing the Auditory Feedback Loop. Even children without a breakdown in their auditory loop can benefit from enhanced auditory feedback. Hearing their own pronunciation, their pace, their fluctuation while speaking or reading encourages children to adjust, to correct what they hear and say.

The Toobaloo’s potential beneficiaries

Anyone from four years of age to adulthood, classroom teachers, reading teachers, speech pathologists, special education teachers, music teachers, and foreign language teachers. And then children all along the autism spectrum, their parents, and families, and friends.

Its particular benefits.

· Crystalline auditory feedback

· Self-monitored, reading rate, phrasing, and expression (sound, duration, pitch, and stress)

· A boost of confidence in reading and comprehension

· Improved self-regard for readers of all abilities

· Increased fluency

· A motivation to read, resulting from the built-in enjoyment of the Toobaloo

· In the classroom, more opportunities to read aloud, daily even, without disrupting other children

Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone Negatives

The only complaint about the Toobaloo that the Brothers have yet encountered.

The Toobaloo breaks too easily. Its plastic construction is insufficiency rugged. It’s not unbreakable.

Perhaps. Perhaps so.

But, friends, let us recall that we’re dealing with an educational tool that costs little more than a large hot Starbucks foo-foo drink.

Surely, a thingamajig at such a painless price point capable of lifting your child’s reading skills and, consequently, your child’s lifetime enjoyment of reading . . . well . . . if that’s not worth seven dollars, even a repeated seven dollars, then the Hughes Brothers have a skewed, an inadmissible value system going here.

We’ll take our chances with the Toobaloo.

For all sorts of children. With all sorts of reading difficulties.

The Hughes Brothers have personal experience with these sorts of young readers. First, we have a young friend who found herself repeating herself. That is, she had reached a comfortable level of accomplishment in both math and reading. The little lady would read a sentence perfectly, but then feel compelled to read it perfectly a second time. And again. And again. Same way with arithmetic. She’d solve a long-division problem accurately. But then, lacking the confidence to attempt a slightly more difficult division problem, she would simply repeated the learned subject matter. Over and over again. After reading her sentence into the Toobaloo, almost immediately she felt the confidence to move forward in her reading. The reassuring sound of her own voice – operating with perfect fluency – encouraged her to read further, to forget the now needless repetition.

We know a second child, a little four-year-old boy, with various speech problems, a child already taking therapy for his difficulties. The Toobaloo replicates some of the work of the therapist, his own voice coming back to him now with nothing but opportunities to pronounce his words accurately and easily.

And lastly, some little buds down the road speak perfectly, above age-level, and always. These kids can talk. And they love their Toobaloo, its feedback somehow reassuring that these kiddos can speak with the best of them. And off the go. Non-stop.

As we say, the most detailed seven-dollar review we’ve ever done.

But we do, we Hughes Brothers believe – with all our hearts – that if there’s the slightest hint in your mind that your little one might benefit from the Toobaloo, it might very well be the best pocket change you’ve ever spent.

PRODUCT INFO:Blue Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone – Accelerate reading fluency, comprehension and pronunciation with a reading phone.