Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak Review

Kayaking in Kansas: since the good old days.

The Hughes Brothers admit that a review from the heartland of a boat able to handle Class 4/5 rapids does not immediately convey any stream-specific cachet. Yes, Kansas is often flat and, yes our rivers would in some cases be considered creeks in other states. That said, we remind you that the Kansas Canoe and Kayak Association celebrates its forty-third anniversary in April, 2018.

And so in a look at a boat about twelve years old, our friends in the Kansas paddling community know plenty about the Aire Lynx.

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak Features

First, the manufacturer’s notion of principal features of the Lynk IK.

· Aircell System 2-layer construction, 24 ounce/1100 denier outer PVC tubes, 27 ounce/1100 denier outer PVC floor, 14 mm inner urethane bladders with double-zipper access, welded seams

· Continuous curve rocker, 3 air chambers w/ Leafield B7 valves

· Adjustable Cheetah seat w/ storage pocket, adjustable bow/stern float bags

· Two sets of drain holes, twelve sets of cargo loops, bow/stern carry handles

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak.The reasons for a ducky. And what the hell is a ducky anyway?

Here be duckies : inflatable yaks of one or two seats, designed for whitewater, able to be deflated and reduced to fitting in a travel bag, perfect for any adventure anywhere.


Back to the Lynx.

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak Review by
Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak Review by

Much like a sit-on-top kayak, the Lynx lifts its paddlers up and out from water-level, leading to much more maneuverability, much straighter tracking, more stability on the drops of a Class V. That on-high positioning, of course, leads to easy escape in the event of a roll in rough water; the momentarily unfortunate event involves nothing more than a drop from the Lynx, and off you go, standing up in shallow water, swimming safely to shore in bit deeper water. This safe, safe rough-water performance becomes even better, more effective with your purchase of after-market thigh braces and foot pegs.

Why this particular ducky?

The Lynx is durable, and durable some more, able to take hard hits season after season. And, should the unthinkable happen – a rock too sharp, too inevitable – a comprehensive, a complete, and very generous warranty waits to serve the unlucky Lynx owner. Here ‘tis: ten-year no-fault manufacturer warranty with a repair kit shipped with the boat, ready to make on-river fixes before heading home to fill out the warranty papers.

Track. Track. And track some more.

The Hughes Bros always, always stand for careful scouting of the big rivers, the especially fast runs well, well beforehand. Most especially in a fast inflatable such as the Lynx.


Watch the river. Pick your lines. And then take full confidence in your boat. Please, always have secondary lines in mind so that you can find a fast and easy way out of the boil and the froth. Once underway, trust your instincts. Immediately. Completely. And bail onto the safer route through it all. No one must ever, ever use the word “chicken” in the context of fast, fast water. Once underway, the Lynx takes on the big rivers and its holes. It turns just right now, just right where you want it to go. Just waiting to deliver you to the secondary line, all your gear tight and dry, an extra paddle waiting to weigh in should the need arise.

Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak Review and Rating

Some bitsy concerns. Just some real small concerns.

A few owners have asked for a relief valve on the Lynx’s main tubes. They worried too about the boat’s response to extremes of temperature. Blowing large to Independence Day heat. Deflation in the sudden entry of the Lynx into very cold water.

Buy with confidence. Here’s a boat for the next umpteen years of your yakking life.

We mean it, we Hughes Brothers. In the general context of the Lynx, please consult our blog article on the overall rationale for a ducky.

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