Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Review

One of the best fishing kayaks in memory.

The Hughes Brothers want to tell you right up front here that this review arises from shared recollection. On a brotherly fishing trip to Gunnison, Colorado, two summers ago our kind host – a polo player/oilman/wildman – outfitted us with both of the Colorados in his stable. Such our buddy’s affection for the boat. Joel, James, and John Howard were the lucky three of us to enjoy the fishing from what – in memory – stands as some of the finest days on the water ever.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Materials

No memory here. Just fact.

18-gauge PVC construction, rugged in the way the Hughes Brothers imagine ourselves to be1000D tarpaulin bottomand 840D nylon cover: these numbers mean protection, lots of it Multiple air chambers, another chamber to stay inflated if one should be punctured Airtight® System, Sevylor’s guarantee against leaks Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holders, adjustable to the precise, immediate demands for hands-free fishingSevylor® trolling motor fittings, with more about trolling motors in a minute Paddle holders, those precious paddles safely stowed, out of the way. Don’t forget the proper pump to inflate this monster.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor

Let’s talk trolling, motored trolling.

Sevylor does indeed sell a very small motor and battery that adapt seamlessly to the mount described two bullet-points ago. The H Bros must say in good faith that the motor is probably sized a bit small for a boat that can easily accommodate almost five hundred pounds of personage and equipment. The factory motor doesn’t generate sufficient power, in our opinion, and the battery must be called “short-lived” for sure.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Review by
Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Review by

YouTube will show you all sorts of ways to rig a larger motor and a more reliable high-performance battery to the Coleman Colorado – riggings involving PVC pipe, wood, ties, and unions of all sorts. And soon enough you’ll have power worthy of this splendid, splendid kayak.

Off then to out of the way watery places.

With new motorized propulsion waiting for you astern, you may confidently set course toward riffles and pools that lay beyond all but the strongest, the most persistent yakkers relying on deltoids and pectorals and paddles to take them there. You may, as old Bob Seger says, pour that power on. The materials of double-walled construction on the Colorado are Afghanistan sorts of tough. And multiple air chambers bow to stern assure you of a safe return to your put-in place, even should a rock – an especially sharp and sturdy rock – puncture your boat.

Gear up Your Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor made the Coleman Colorado for fishing. End of song. From the Berkley Rod holders to the mesh pockets here and there to the D-rings waiting for attachment of such gear and tackle as you think necessary.

Climb aboard.

The Hughes Brothers are not what our grandmother used to call “small packages.” Access is easy nonetheless. The fishing positions are a couple of feet wide, and with John Howard at 6’3” he found a comfortable rest for his stinky feet, albeit alongside Jame’s bow-ward seat.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak Seats

Now, about these seats.

We fished all day for three days straight on our Gunnison trip, and Joel – the youngest of we three – complained not at about either the comfort or the stability of his seated fly-casting.

James and John, the more arthritic James and John, climbed loudly from the Colorado on the evening of the third day. Their bottoms had flatly had enough.

In our refresher reading in anticipation of this happiest of screeds, we encountered other Colorado owners not fully satisfied with the OEM seat.

So be it.

With aftermarket alternatives to both the stock seats and the stock trolling motor, there waits absolutely no reason why — your zeal for multiple trout meals – you can with little money and even less bother make this wonderful boat richly and fully yours.

Motor on.

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