Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge Review

Right up front, let’s talk price.

This pump reports in right at thirty-five bucks.

Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge review by
Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge review by

Nonetheless, we Hugheses have read some controversy, some frugal discussion suggesting that the last-mentioned feature above, the pressure gauge, somehow pushes that minimal purchase price up into the neighborhood of the absurd.

We mean, yakkers do tend to be excitable boys (and girls) in the matter of their equipment. And its attendant costs. But, come on.

Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge Review

The Hughes Brothers’ take: buy the pump.

It’s worth it.

Here’s why.

The Advanced Elements Pump is durable.

It guarantees high-flow inflation.

It will come to you with multiple adaptors, four to be exact, for essentially every inflatable you own, the details of which the Hughes Brothers just don’t want to know. Oh, sorry, don’t expect an HR (Halkey-Roberts Valve Fill) adaptor.

It will deflate your kayak as readily as it brings it to fully inflated size and shape.

And yes, it does work in conjunction with a pressure gauge.

And yes yes, yellow is your onliest option for color.

And, okay, the hose can be a little, oh, kinky. Worrisome, if not actual, in its threat to bend and break.

PSI matters.

Consider the Sevylor Coleman Colorado Two-Person Fishing Kayak and its absolute guarantee of no leaks, ever. That guarantee necessarily, inevitably, honestly assumes proper inflation, those pounds per square inch right down to the decimal.

The pump is that important.

Forget foot bellows.

Your new Advanced Elements will leave foot bellows in their own gathering dust. Faster, easier, more precise. You name it. This pump wins out.

Mind your tips.

It can reasonably be argued that the accompanying tips on the pump may not be perfect. There is the distraction of some air leakage – dependent as the tips are on a method of attachment requiring a tight, tight fit with the hose end. Without right now, we eminently practical Hugheses have noticed, a gasket. A little after-market rubber ring just might solve this small problem so, so easily.

Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge Inflation Time

Let’s talk time of inflation.

This pump’s double action generates some air, alright. So very much faster than the old, the traditional bike-tire pumps. In many ways it provides similar speeds and greater accuracies than electric pumps.

It does so with one of your feet on the base. There comes some stooping. There follows a tingle or two in the triceps. And, once past three psi, the arm motions will indeed become more in-your-face exertional.

Which brings us to the overwhelming question. Aren’t we going down to the water in a boat relying on all-too-human propulsion, the point of which is some good exercise.

Strike a yoga thought. Engage the Advanced Elements’ double-action. And get after it.

Float on, grasshopper.

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