Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review

Into the water, boys and girls. We’re going to have some fun.

At the beginning of this growing series of reviews, John Howard Hughes wrote about our collective brotherly introduction to the beyond-gratifying sport of kayaking. We came to yakking through an uncle with an ancient boat. Uncle Ace taught us to paddle, to stay upright and safe. And we figured out everything else – testosteroned imagination far into play – on our own.

If you have a beloved kiddo in your life, buy this boat.


Most, almost all youngsters love the water. On our only, ever vacation the Hughes family stayed at a motel in Big Springs, Texas with a vague organ-shaped swimming pool, and that Friday-evening experience was more than enough chlorinated water for us. Back we went to the ponds, creeks, and precious few lakes of our immediate Kansas vicinity.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review but
Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review but

Your son or daughter, that splendid little grandchild, will love you for giving a chance to float like a leaf, like a wild and bespeeded leaf, on some water that will look, for all its worth, just like the Pacific Ocean at its Saturday-morning best.

This whole deal has turned into an impassioned, if possibly misplaced, love story about kayaks.


Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Features and Benefits

Back to the Youth Wave, apologies all around. Here’s the manufacturer’s own take on the features and benefits of a can’t-lose birthday, a wait-until-spring-sweetheart gift.

· Perfect for kids of all ages

· Designed for extreme stability

· Twin-fin design for superb tracking and surf riding

· Ergonomic cockpit design for enhanced balance

· Scupper holes to drain the cockpit

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review

Okay. Fine. Bullet points, let’s talk.

In order now.

· Bullet #1: “all” is a mighty big word. Let’s think ages four or five to whenever your growing adventurer says, “Grandma, I want to go fast.

· Bullet #2: yep.

· Bullet #3: alright, but as to this “surf-riding” – please, we Hughes boys learned to paddle on a lake originally built to give water to passing steam engines. “Surf” seems foreign to us, especially for these little ones. If you’re determined to make Dakota a Beach Boy, please be right next to him, both of you with major flotation devices. Anticipate a flip.

· Bullet #4: can’t argue here. This boat is balanced and stable, stable and balanced. Just what a proud grandparent would want in the best kiddo surprise present just ever.

· Bullet #5: never too early to learn that those holes need to remain open and unblocked, unblocked and open at all times.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Comments

Consider them extreme if you wish, but here are some random claims from happy users of the Youth Wave.

“My son could use it (the Youth Wave) independently at the age of three.” The Hughes Brothers were never what you might consider “prodigies” but, damn, three years of age does seem to us a bit premature.

“These kayaks are fantastic for smaller children – my ten-year-old Logan is a little big for them now. That said, my kids do still enjoy light-hearted fun with them at the beach. However, for serious kayaking adventures my kids now use adult kayaks.” Yep.

“Not only does Jared love it, but so do his little sisters. He’s twelve years old, and he has no trouble carrying it. A bit tough to navigate on windy days but definitely a fabulous birthday gift!” Yep.

“Perfect size for our nine-year-old grandson. He said it was easy to handle. Five minutes in the pond, and he paddled it like a pro.” Yep.

“Light, easy to paddle, and refuses to tip over. My nephew Landon loves it. He has

even fished out of it” Way to go, Landon. You’re a stud.

“My seven-year-old stands and jumps off it. This kayak simply will not flip.” Alright,

kid and proud dad, you’re way, way into Hughes Brothers’ territory here, with

this proud discussion of jumping, of not flipping. The former movement is

good and true, the latter not so much. With a wildman of this dimension,

Curtis Hughes — by far the most circumspect, the most obtuse of the

brothers – well, Dad, he thinks you might be out of your mind.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Specs

Dimensions: -Overall 24″ W x 72″ D, 18 lbs.

Dimensions: Overall Width – Side to Side: -24 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -72 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -18 Pounds.

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