Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 Foot Angler Review

Here comes a thousand-dollar sit-on-top fishing kayak review. In the Hughes Brothers’ considered opinion, is worth every cent of that considerable, but more-than-fair price tag. And we are far from the first to find the Sea Ghost a high-performance bargain. Frankly, here in Kansas we have yet to hear a discouraging word about the boat. It’s an important point even though an old friend, Brian Kelly, tested the boat for us on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Brian paddled in the big wide-open and then took it up a favorite stream or two in search of the Sunshine State’s legendary largemouth.

Vibe Kayak SeaGhost 130 Review by
Vibe Kayak SeaGhost 130 Review by

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 foot Angler Rudder

Let’s hear it for the rudder!

Seldom does such a matter-of-fact part of a yak’s design merit such high, such specific praise. Your Sea Ghost will arrive at your door with an already-installed rudder which takes your toes as its guidance system. With your twinkles taking control, you can save serious energy during very long trips, for example, or on windy days, or in the strong currents Brian reported on his first day out in the Ghost. Remember too that a slick rudder such as the Sea Ghost’s is typically an add-on of a couple of hundred bucks.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 foot Angler Stability

Stability, stability, stability.

An especially broad beam allows for a double-haul on a flyline, for a bait cast of longish distance, and for super-safe access to the far hatches. Our buddy Brian has been surfing since he was five. Forty years later, two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan behind him, he remains special-forces strong. Brian tells us that the Sea Ghost answered his every direction, responded with agility and poise to his surf-bound sense of adventure. And that wide, wide hull remains the reason why. Also, he found easy access to the Sea Ghost, his war wounds and warrior’s heft notwithstanding. The framed seat afforded him genuine comfort, he said, his spent knees, his aching back contentedly along for the ride.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 foot Angler Specs

Rivers to surf, let’s ride.

A happy combination of steadiness and speed, the Sea Ghost weighs in at just seventy-four pounds, not bad, not bad at all for a kayak with so many features.

· Dual-position hero seat.
· Four integrated gear tracks for customized rigging.
· Two flush-mount rod holders.
· Fishfinder transducer port with mounting points and protective lid.
· Multiple storage areas: large center console, twenty-inch front oval hatch, rear hatch, and large bungeed rear tank well.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 foot Angler Review and Rating

Vibe seems to have found a workable truce between the great yak trade-offs of the ages. A solid boat, with a beam sufficient to a standing cast, but which paddled like a garbage scow. Or a fine-tracking speedster in which only the most whacked-out daredevil would stand upright. The Sea Ghost comes as close to being a fishing kayak for everyone, in every sort of water, with any sort of fish on one’s mind.

A great product from a great company.

A note of confidence worth mentioning, Vibe will deliver the Sea Ghost 130 with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for defects on all new kayak purchases and one year on parts attached to the kayak. Well beyond the warranty, Vibe — as a company — is a waterborne pleasure, the people there friendly and helpful in the extreme. Vibe’s Facebook page illustrates the company’s quick, efficient, complete handling of the few issues that do arise with perhaps the best fishing kayak you will ever paddle.

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