Viking Profish 440 Kayak Review

Two magic words. Twice.

Tackle pod.

Tackle pod.

The Profish 440 features a removable center console. Let’s take a look and review it up properly, now. In the words of Davis Hughes, “Boy howdy, does it ever!” — Davis the lucky tester of this yak, recently purchased by a buddy in the next county over. The pod comes round as the easiest, most convenient way of moving your fishing gear all about, here and there, in and out of the redoubtable 440. The Hughes Brothers, in these golden years of ours, value ease and convenience as two of life’s greatest virtues. You will too, if over the years you’ve collected even a fraction of the tackle – the lures, the flies, the line, the reels – that is our collective haul. It’d be embarrassing to count the items in our various tackle stashes, but the brothers pack the pod specific to the day’s outing.
Set up the kayak in seconds. Go fish.

The routine is simplicity, its own ready-to-go self. Pre-load the pod, saving room for jerky and cheese and crackers, and leave it immediate and accessible come the dawn’s early light. And off we go. Reverse the deal at long fishing day’s end and . . . voila! . . . the pod comes out of the Profish, leaving your boat primed for cleaning and, more importantly, your favorite gear – electronics included – ready for storage and reloading for tomorrow’s perhaps quite different waters, quite different fishy species waiting for the dramatic presentation of your fly.
Yes, in the matter of electronics.

Fishing with the Viking Kayaks Profish 440 Kayak

Fish finders find a fine home in the Viking pod, cables running from the yak into the back of the pod. And suddenly, your battery, your sounder sit smack dab together, safe in the same unit.

Viking, a proud and innovative manufacturer from New Zealand.

Upgraded, with Viking’s newest technology, the Profish 440 arrives with even harder materials of construction despite a lighter weight than its predecessor, the Profish 400. The Hughes Brothers are talking serious, serious fishing here, with the configuration of the boat designed for a market consisting, exclusively, of folks who would rather fish than, say, eat.

Viking Kayaks Profish 440 Kayak Specs:

The good things about this boat accumulate in a hurry, so please forgive the bullet points.

These then the features.
· Brass inserts for fitting accessories
· Large front and rear wells
· Tackle station with clear cover and bait board
· Softbait storage well
· Two fresh bait storage wells
· Eight – count ‘em – eight rod holders
· Adjustable footrest
· Free fisherman seat, identified as “deluxe” by the Viking pros
· Free composite, two-piece adjustable paddle
· Stern-mounted Railblaza Starport

This last bit of New-Zealandese bears a bit of explanation: Davis used, in turn, this easily adaptable “Starport” for the installation of a safety flag and then as, typically, our brother stayed way past sunset on the water, a telepole navigation light.

If you live to fish, the Profish 440 is your boat.

We’re relying here on brother Davis’ long weekend on the river and on the enthusiastic reports of the yak’s too, too satisfied owner. Their superlatives, their visceral excitement at the performance of the boat have led us to give this boat our highest collective endorsement.

What more might a competitive – if totally relaxed – fisherman want? The 440 combines speed, a gliding and lubricated sort of propulsion, with stealth, that most elusive of kayak qualities. No hull slap. None. Just silent approach to a hiding lunker.

Expect stability too.

Viking Kayaks Profish 440 KayakReview and Rating

The third virtuous S. To speed and stealth, add stability. The 440 will forgive an awkward cast. It will not punish a little misstep. This boat will remain firm and friendly, ready to stay with you, as with Davis Hughes, through the longest of happy days on a strong-currented stream, a serene lake near you.

And soon. Very, very soon.

For an extra fifty bucks, you may choose a custom color.

Davis anticipates crimson-and-cream, the school colors of the rural high school that managed to survive all six of us brothers. Cindy Hughes remained content to be both captain of the volleyball team and valedictorian.

Sort of like the Profish 440 from venerable old Viking.

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