Book Review: Healing without Hurting

Healing without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and Effectively without Harmful Medications

By all the Hughes Brothers can determine, here’s THE book to read for parents and friends of children with autism.

The complex, quite wonderful title/name LPC Kozek stands front and center of this basic literature about the complexities of autism spectrum disorders. Ms. Kozek answers also to the name of Jennifer. She’s a therapist practicing in Connecticut and, more to the point, the mother of a son with autism, little Evan.

Mom found a way.

Jennifer began to treat her son “bio-medically.” And the results lay beyond profound. Life-changing they became. Her little guy no longer screaming, feral in his grunts and screamed hurts. No more hitting other children. No toys, no food thrown. No more massive swings of mood capable of affecting an entire family, a classroom, a friend’s sixth birthday party. Gone now the rage. New and so, so welcome Evan’s willingness to listen to teachers, his entirely appropriate responses in social situations of every sort.

Good gosh, Mom says Evan will now look you in the eye and speak to you of major, all-boyish things.

Published in 2014, the book still describes, still testifies to the goodness that now attends a happy young man ten years on an earth he has just begun to recognize. And love.

Mom Jennifer’s book describes in rich, useful, usable detail the full and complete menu of natural treatment options for children such as Evan, the usual clinical, all the medical approaches tried and found, at best, but partially helpful.

Drawing on her own overwhelming experience, Ms. Kozek has written a book which will take other parents on a beautifully detailed accounting of her own, of Evan’s success story.

Autistic wisdom, parceled out for all to read. And to heed.

While the back story is engaging and, in places, quite beautiful, the authoress at no time loses sight of the good she has set out to do.

Accordingly, you may expect highlighted, unmistakable tips – typographically, illustratively managed in such a way that you will see. And you will remember.

The Hughes Brothers, drawing on our own early educational backgrounds, will tell you that a nun might not have done a better job of emphasizing key points, of delivering a sound and succinct outline of all that is to be taken from each chapter.

Much about this splendid read identifies so much that otherwise would not be so obvious.

Jennifer Kozek’s book would be worthwhile and then some, had she stopped with the classification of terms identifying common behaviors associated with autism. She delivers in all appropriate detail the signs, the earliest signs, that an autoimmune disorder might be brewing.

She synopsizes a pharmacological dictionary of terms related to medications, their likely benefits, their unavoidable side-effects.

She catalogs food sensitivities, the merciless outside attacks on a child’s autoimmune system. She shows worried parents how to test for nutritional deficiencies. She warns about the causes of malabsorption of much-needed food values.

Ms. Kozek explores with rightful rigor the gut-brain connection that obtains with so many children with autism. And she spends precious pages discussing the varied supplements that might play a role in supporting your child’s physical health. At the same time, she alerts parents to the food additives to, at all costs, be avoided. She identifies damaging toxins in the environment. She recommends vitamins.

She will help you find the right doctor, the supporting clinical practitioners best able to help your child.

The woman just will not stop.

Most specific to our purposes here, this book will help you with the sleep problems accompanying autism.

Her analysis of sleep problems is quick, cogent, and responsive. Her suggestions for treatment of bedtime difficulties are entirely in keeping with the overall thrust of the book: that is, practical in the extreme, straightforward, and completely self-controlled.

The Hughes Brothers have more to say about Healing without Hurting.

Stand by, please.

SnugBug – An Autism Weighted Blanket Alternative

Heavy on the alternative.

The SnugBug’s originator insists at every turn that her product is not, not, not a weighted blanket. Rather, you have right here a bed wrap delivering pressure rather than weight. The SnugBug promises to address the sleep-related disturbances that your child suffers because of autism – also restless leg syndrome, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, and anxieties of every nasty sort.

Here’s how SnugBug works, we think.

The Hughes Brothers admit, up front here, that our beloved nieces have worked with only one family using the SnugBug, and so we promise to moderate our promised effects.

It seems a stretchable spandex material delivers the deep pressure usually associated with weighted blankets. Wrapped tightly around the bed, the SnugBug calms with an increased endorphin and serotonin production.

We admit that we’re relying here on the manufacturer’s own wayward input, all in first-person, a point of view which has its advantages, we assume.

So we started reading about other users’ reactions to the Bug.

The SnugBug operates like a pillowcase, fitted over the child’s mattress. No tucking needed. The product fits toddler, twin, full, and queen-sized mattresses.

For children with dermatological issues, the SnugBug has proven itself breathable in the extreme. Some users, happy with the immediate effects on an autistic child, have considered purchasing a Bug for themselves or a loved one.

Our favorite reviewer described her son “on a spectrum with a trampoline.” The kid moves about, we understand. She recommended the product for “anyone with sensory processing disorders,” adding that her little guy sought out his bed for comfort throughout the day, bringing his stuffed animals along.

Back to the basics. The SnugBug Specs

· Solid pattern only

· In colors of white, black, blue, and pink purple

· Totally handmade to customer’s specifications, using nylon

We think you should consider the SnugBug, by all means, if other sleep aids have failed.

By no means do we think SnugBug is a last resort. Far from it. Our nieces gave us sufficient detail of the family now using it, detail sufficient to our recommendation for these extreme situations, these poor little folks with so much to confront, many of their troubles occasioned in the womb, the mother’s overwrought drug and alcohol abuse in those critical months.

The Hughes nieces’ experience then.

This innocent, adopted child suffered from a whole alphabet of disorders. He was Oppositional and Defiant. He suffered from Bipolar Disorder and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder – all the result of prenatal exposure to drugs, postnatal neglect. Especially manic at bedtime, he strew chaos throughout the house, robbing his parents and siblings of any pretense of going to sleep. Of course, his earnest parents had enrolled him in therapy. The docs did their part. Mom and Dad remained supportive and consistently good parents. But not one attempt at normalcy in the late evening hours came close to soothing the poor child.

Until Snugbug.

As with so many children dealing with autism, new or increased medication can often only complicate the sleep cycle.

Good news: within a week of using the SnugBug, our nieces visited a family living like a happy television sitcom family. Yes, this beloved child still careens about the house but, come eight o’clock, he seeks out his bed, goes happily to sleep, only to awake nine hours later rested and, for him, content and settled.

The price is right. Give the SnugBug a chance.

Once more, the Hughes Brothers cop to limited experience with this alternative with the rhyming compound-noun name. But at sixty bucks max, the Snug Bug merits a try. If perchance your autistic child finds no solace there, you the sleepy parent just might.

Worth a shot, in our opinion.

Autistic Calming Covers

A medium-weighted blanket for everyone.

At six pounds, this comfort blanket works well from kindergartners to their grandparents. A workable, marvelously constructed therapeutic blanket, designed and sewn for all best results in adults and children confronting sensory, anxiety, autism, and sleep issues of every sort.

Right up front, know this: gift wrapping available from the good people at The Swanky Stitchery.

Colors and patterns matter with Calming Covers

Here they are in all their cartoonish glory.

But first a note about that wondrous term “minky.” Minky is a sensuous sort of beyond- plush fabric. A full 100% polyester. Think of fleece– but softer and thicker and warmer and more consoling and lasting in its affection for you and yours.) .

Purple butterflies
Blue turtles minky
Brown dinosaurs — brown!
Hearts, red of course
Nautical anchors mink
Panda minky
Pink mermaids minky, as indeed all mermaids should be pink, pink and perfect
Woodland minky
Yellow flowers

Not one thing bland or usual in these blankets. Not one.

The Swanky Stitchery begins with designer fabrics, high-end stuff made for this very specific, this very soothing purpose. Maybe you have some experience with weighted blankets as a means of helping your child sleep sooner, sleep better, sleep longer.

Maybe that experience didn’t accumulate to all that you’d hoped for.

Swanky Stitchery will change your mind now. Right now.

Good sleep can stand some style. Sure it can.

Calming Covers begin with couture designers such as Michael Miller or, say, Riley Blake.

Calming Covers. Size and use matter too. Sure they do.

Pick blankets sized from small to extra-large. Pick your fabric: plush mink, soft flannel, good old cotton, King Cotton, good and true to this day, to this purpose.

These purposes, rather: the ideal sleep blanket for your child with autism, but also a lap cover or, outdoors, multi-used off toward a beach or picnic blanket for all ages.

All told, a blanket for the ages.

A lost thought, the weight in these weighted blankets.

So, so many weighted blankets depend on glass beads or sand for their heft and comfort. Not so with products from The Swanky Stitchery. These blankets arrive full of food-grade — food-grade! — plastic pellets. You know, the pellets used to make milk containers or, same deal, baby bottles. As such, expect no leaks. Do not worry about toxins of any sort, perfectly safe these blankets for infants, toddlers, and pets. Machine washable, of course.

A guarantee your child can sleep soundly upon.

Swanky Stitchery’s business is bound up with the particular needs of their little adopted daughter Ella. You may nod off so very easily knowing that these weighted blankets will come to you with a guarantee of your total, your complete and happy satisfaction: a thirty-day money back deal plus one year free replacement.

Wrap your child in swank.

And rest easy.