Motorized Fissot Fishing Kayak Review

We can call it a review, of sorts. Friends, the Hughes Brothers come from a long line of English speakers. And so, please . . . please believe us when we stand before you to tell of what seems to be a fine boat, a serviceable and good kayak buried under glib tonnages of broken English. We speak, of course, of the Fissot fishing kayak.

Advantages are kayaks designing and making process.

Fissot Fishing Kayak Review by
Fissot Fishing Kayak Review by

From the boat’s own web page, we bring you the following.

“Fissot, an excellent kayaks and canoes vendor ,have the experience of making kayaks over 18 years. Our advantages are kayaks designing and making process. Some of engineer are from EU, they know what is good kayak should be. Processing is the results, we focus on every details, that is why we can be trusted.”

And no, we did not intentionally misplace the comma in the first line of this blurb. At, you will read . . . “kayaks and canoes vendor ,have” – that silly comma wayward and awkward in its decision to appear any damned where it wants in a Fissot sentence.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The Engineering?

Some of engineer are from EU.

Then, old buds, there come some lines you just can’t argue with, one’s impartiality as an objective judge of kayaks – as we Hughes Brothers hold ourselves out to be – going right out the window. As we learn, “FISSOT IS A NAME OF LIGHTWEIGHT KAYAKS”.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, we believe you, Dear Fissot, ma’am or sir.

One more paragraph, and we’re done.

“High stability, labour salving and easy to operation are very important characters for a good fishing kayaks. Fissot fishing kayaks, with the folding designing, become more stable and most important, you can keep standing. To save labour, we take 40lbs motor to drive the kayak. Multi-fishing rod support provided also makes you easy to hand it.”

Alright, alright, we lied.

These lovable folks just won’t stop. You smokers out there, consider the following: advice from Fissot about burns in the bottom of your new yak. We promise, promise, promise you that we snarky Hughes bros – Jimmy Hughes, in particular — have lifted this sales copy just real directly, very honestly, quite verbatimly from the Fissot site.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The maintenance of the carpet

Now the family is decorated in, more and more use of carpet, there are some is the whole picture, there are some just piece of block. How the carpet maintenance of how to do?

1. avoid cigarette butts. Now the carpet has the characteristics of flame retardant. But not every a carpet with flame retardant function.Whether flame retardant or ordinary carpet, once the cigarette fall into it, the minimum will be burnt out a small coke. Therefore, when laying carpet, inside the home should have a small piece of leftover material.When appear this kind of situation, use first cut head cut off the burned part carpet wool, reoccupy cut a small part of the head of the leftover material blanket wool clippings, with glue after finishing the burning in the pit.Wait for after its are fully dry comb.

2. the whole carpet can after some time, please use the professional cleaning company mechanical cleaning.Specific cycle can be based on the fouling degree.

3. if the stains in the carpet.If it seems appropriate USES milk soak moment, reoccupy hair is brushed dip in milk brushs mop can.If it is animal and plant oil stains can dip in with cotton the gas with more expensive purity is wiped.Fruit juice and beer, juice, should dip in with soft cloth first washing powder solution is wiped, reoccupy warm water with a little vinegar added solution to swab.Such as killing ironmould, can be in corrupt place sprinkle fine salt dust and use warm water mixed fluid of soap is brushed except.

Enough. Enough already. Enough.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The test?

The hard fact is: the Hughes brothers did not test this boat. We have never seen the boat for sale in any of the Kansas towns where we drink. We know of no one who has ever, ever stepped foot in the stained, burned carpet of a Fissot’s bottom. But there are these outriggers, these extensions off the beam, that suggest a stability like nothing else on the water.

If Cindy Hughes can’t safely cast her wooly worm sixty, seventy feet standing full-upright in a Fissot, then we just don’t know what Fissot is talking about.

Please help us penetrate the further features, the genuine benefits of this boat. We Hugheses suspect there might be a truly nice, nice yak buried under the sales bluster that old Rich there in Shanghai never did bother to translate.

Here’s his number. Richard Cell phone:+86 18621754480

Ask him if the Hughes boys are wrong to recommend his yak.

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Kayak: The New Frontier, The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique, A Book Review

Comes now the second edition of William Nealy’s more-than-entertaining, more-than-informative illustrative take on paddlers ranging from “hardcore hippy hairboaters or insane youngsters clattering tiny play boats down steep, rocky creeks” – as Amazon advertises this masterful update on the newest kayak equipment, the most evolved kayak technology.

Kayak: The New Frontier Book Review by Hughes Reviews
Kayak: The New Frontier Book Review by Hughes Reviews

Drawings and more kayak drawings in this Book

More than four hundred total.

The genius of Mr. Nealy’s work lies most of all in his transmission of solid, understandable guidance on the sport, all in the context of drawings guaranteed to make the most sober, the most stolid of yakkers hoot. And hoot some more. Practical sure, but funny. Funny for both experienced paddlers and newcomers alike. World-renowned for his cartooning, Bill Nealy teaches in the simplest of terms the sometimes counter-intuitive techniques of our sport: you know, like all the bunny-slope lessons of downhill skiing. Kayaking, especially the more adventurous sorts, borrows from the accumulated wisdom of skiing, but also of mountain biking, climbing, wilderness hiking and camping, even in-line skating.

Kayak Book Author William Nealy is gone.

His wisdom lives on. And on.

We lost him a long time ago, in 2001, but Mr. Nealy remains a, oh, diplomat for all of us who find in water of all sorts a workout for the muscles, a soothe to a speeding mind, a balm for the soul. We have on those waters also found some genuinely dumbass moments. Mishaps and mistakes that we hope and pray no one . . . no one! . . . ever saw. Bill Nealy, humble, forthright William Nealy drew what he knew. He too had capsized, had taken on all the wrong rocks, had made the most ridiculous of paddling decisions – and he lampooned himself. Full of empathy for his readers. Rich in his love for his time on the river.

William Nealy, instructor in the abstract.

In no way are the Hughes Brothers suggesting that Kayak: The New Frontier – or any other instructional manual – can come close to replacing paddle-in-hand learning pushed forward by a qualified, caring teacher. This book rides along as the perfect complement, however. Just right for those times when you can’t be on the water. Worthy of a re-read, even for those who absorbed the lessons of the first edition way back then. Bill’s explanations are clear. Lucid. Unmistakable in their weight and heft, the humor of the accompanying illustrations notwithstanding, the cartoons making human and immediate the abstractions of text-book learning. Bill Nealy’s art has become a tool of memory, a look at kayaking in a way that once seen cannot be unseen.

If you paddle whitewater, read William Nealy.

This book enjoys some serious staying power. As your prowess in the boil and the froth grows, you can come back to Kayak: The New Frontier, and find again a lesson pertinent to exactly where you find yourself on the river. Its conditions. Its flow. Its demands for respectful consideration before putting in. Its demands for safety first. Its potential for unforgettable moments never, not once available on dry land.

Mr. Nealy’s visual interpretations of whitewater in all its manifestations of power and speed, of danger and joy remain a testament for the ages. Worthy of your grandson’s consideration as he walks down the Snake’s edge for the first time.

Yes, even children may find here their first understanding of Class 1 cruises, of the foam and the rollers waiting for them sometime, somewhere in a downhill, rock-filled future.

This Kayak Book is shareable and then some.

Read all about it.

The Hughes boys urge you to consult William Nealy, to read and look and enjoy. And then to find a fellow yakker, and introduce that lucky paddler to the laughter, the knowledge, the humanity you’ve found in a book. But perhaps you find yourself past the lessons of an original, a man dead for almost twenty years, a man who couldn’t possibly teach you one thing.

Please reconsider. Please.

Whitewater kayaking is timeless. Beyond fun. Absurd in a way that makes any instruction, live-and-in-person or book borne, finally beside the point.

But Bill Nealy has found whitewater’s soul, its ineluctable call on us all.

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Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Review

Perception has managed to put something for everyone in its line, and none of its yaks are more democratic, more welcoming to paddlers of all abilities than the Pescador Pilot. At twelve feet fore to aft, the Pilot finds a middle ground between ease of handling in and out of the water and the tight tracking and occasional speed sometimes necessary in a fishing boat.

Review of the Pescador Pilot 12.0 Sonic
Review of the Pescador Pilot 12.0 Sonic

The Perception Kayak Propeller Review

The Pilot Drive propeller system stands front and center, seeming effortless at times in its propulsion, such is the fluidity of the system’s performance – even in reverse, as your new kayak moves you silently over the structures you most want to fish. Smart and smart some more, Pilot Drive works from an optimized gear ratio, the source of all this smoothness, all this efficiency of movement. The Pilot Drive quickly stows in the hull for launching, landing, and shallow water. One-handed, low-profile rudder control means tight turning radii.

Sister Cindy introduced us to this boat last fall, and its virtues hereto described match up with her needs in a kayak almost exactly.

Perception Kayak comfort

As does the kayak’s comfort. The Pilot earns high marks for good feeling as well, largely because of a fully adjustable (distance to pedals and position of seat back) mesh chair. A little experimentation in both fishing and cruising modes will alert you to the best possible place for your bad self to ride. Zonal mesh makes the removable chair cool and reassuring, as air flows over, under, in and out to keep the sweat glands as inactive as possible.

Cindy has, in her quiet way, become even more of a gear-head than her brothers. The Pilot’s spacious, multi-use, customizable storage and accessory mounts serve her well. She with her no-nonsense insistence on that doodad right there be always and immediately available to her. Open storage fore and aft stows coolers and tackle boxes. A stretch-mesh cover secures the bow storage, and slots seatside make staging of tackle a snap.

Much of the Pilot’s room arises, of course, from its sit-on-top design. Cindy has found that she rides drier on her Pilot than on other sit-on-top models she’s test-pedaled. She also reports, “And it’s stable, very stable, even when I’m standing.” (As when, her brothers have noticed, she continues to increase distances on her 5-weight 9’ Orvis.)

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Specs:

– LENGTH: 12′ 5″ / 381 cm

– WIDTH: 33.75″ / 85.73 cm

– BOAT WEIGHT: 85 lbs. / 38 kg

– DECK HEIGHT: 16″ / 41 cm

– MAX CAPACITY: 475 lbs. / 216 kg

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Review and Rating

Maximized durability here. Weight optimized. Eminently trackable. Buoyant and then some. Economic in its slice through the water. And stout, stout as can be, thanks to high-density polyethylene, leakproof, one-piece construction and all the exceptional UV, impact, and abrasion-resistance that come along as happy by-products. Perception uses proprietary resins in an innovative rotational molding process that allows the integration of features and the variance of thicknesses throughout for strength and stability where needed, without added weight. Cockpit access is free, open, and easy. All about, here and there in the Pilot come drink holders, recessed resting spots for small items – pliers, lures, flyboxes, whatever – and molded-in rod holders. Perception’s Power-Pole anchoring system is not included, but this popular add-on attaches quickly to a mounting point with hull access.

The Pilot portages well. A handy, easily-replaced skid plate means draggability with no fear of damage to the hull. Soft-touch handles come along to soothe time in transport.

A note for all you pedalers in coastal waters: stainless steel and brass hardware on the boat and the drive are ocean and saltwater-optimized, preventing corrosion for long-lasting good times.

Our sister knows her stuff. Case in point right here with Perception’s Pilot twelve-footer.

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Review of the Jackson Kayak Coosa FD (Foot Drive)

The brothers must plead a bit of ignorance in the case of the Jackson Kayak Coosa FD (stands for “foot drive”) fishing kayak. Arriving a bit late in the model year, the Coosa FD caught us a bit flat-footed. And so we did not have a chance to take the Coosa out on any sort of a test run. Therefore, in this necessarily short review, we’re relying on the experience of a cousin, a paddler of the old school, from far northern Minnesota where, at this writing, the temperature stands right at an invigorating -34 degrees. So much for the prospects of a test drive.

Review of the Jackson Kayak Coosa FD
Review of the Jackson Kayak Coosa FD

What the Hughes extended family can say without a doubt is that, should the FD follow in the classic water-path of Jackson’s Coosa HD hull and deck, this boat is destined for goodness: easy deployment, even easier navigation, massive storage areas, and stability . . . “oh my gosh the stability” (Cousin Stanley’s term), boat-dock sorts of stability for standing and casting.

Jackson Kayak Coosa FD Specs:

– LENGTH: 12’7″

– WIDTH: 35″

– WEIGHT: 102lbs w/out drive

– CAPACITY: 450lbs

Jackson Kayak Coosa FD Review and overall Rating

But now comes Jackson’s soon-to-be-patented “Flex-Drive System” and its consequent hands-free propulsion. The new system means fluid movement forward and reverse, back and forth across a particular bit of subsurface structure where the big old boys live. Easily deployed, with an adjustable pitch, the drive will in 2018 be adaptable to Jackson’s new motorized version. Even keener is the system’s articulation for navigation in deep-then shallow-then deep-then shallower still water, as on its own the prop retracts safely out of the way of rocks and such — making it especially useful on rivers. A daggerboard protects the three-bladed propeller. Together, the system’s components avoid obstacles and, the fishing trip concluded, make the FD’s underside easy to clean.

Jackson has redesigned the FD’s rudder. Rod-based, with no snapping lines, no linkage issues, no kinking. It’s oh so simple, oh so slick.

Cousin Stanley is no small package, but even he found the FD’s seat comfortable across a long day on the water. (Even here, in the seating, Jackson has devised another “system.”) Flexibility is key, allowing the pedaler to locate the best possible position for presenting a popper to a waiting slab-sided bluegill.

YakAttack gear tracks make possible hundreds of points of accessibility for the accessories of the fisherman’s choice.

As we say, the Hughes Brothers have not yet taken an FD down to the water. When we do, Cousin Stanley will be sent back to Duluth, and we’ll offer you a more personalized review. Thank you for your patience.

Eddyline Equinox Kayak Review

We Hughes folk have adventure in our bloodlines – French Foreign Legion, Austrian actresses, the occasional CIA task – and so we offer here a hard push at the outside edges of “beginning kayaker.” With your new Equinox sit-inside kayak will come a perfect balance between the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak and the performance of a sea kayak. Let’s do this Eddyline Equinox Kayak Review, proper like.

Eddyline Equinox
Eddyline Equinox

Equinox by Eddyline Specs

The chines are hard and harder still. The V hull is shallow. And so your Equinox tracks superbly and leans with you into turns at once true but a little wide. Its length, an easily managed fourteen feet, ensures hull speeds unto those of the long-time sea kayaker. Good gliding right here. The beam reaches a full two feet and more, all the stability even the most ambitious of beginning paddlers could want. No rudder, no skeg necessary here. Stand by for relaxed photography and fishing.

The cockpit is, oh, not overlarge. The keyhole shape gives you a seat composed of a three-way, padded backrest, a reasonably comfortable padded seat, molded thigh braces matched with Sea Dog (Damn! Not a registered trademark.) foot braces welcoming to the most tender of bare feet. Eddyline tells us that these braces are “ergonomic.” Good. And those thigh braces deliver finely tuned control to the smallest of paddlers.

Bunjis on the front, recessed deck fittings, retractable carry handles, and security loops answer all your practical, no-nonsense questions. As does the Equinox’s weight, light and then some for all its strength and room, but ready to load in the back of a pickup, even atop a Jeep. Eddyline calls its hull material Carbonlite 2000, a name suggestive of manageable strength, resistant to the banging, the dinging of launching, landing, and loading. Notice bulkheads and hatches fore and aft, the hatches dry even under heavy splashing and big enough to hold overnight camping equipment. An Eddyline spray skirt adds to warm-and-dry all around.

Equinox by Eddyline Review and Overall Rating

Also, the Equinox is quite beautiful, with style and color that will draw attention shoreside, envy on the water. We invite you to share the Hughes family’s enthusiasm for this especially well-built dual-purpose boat. It reminds us of that romantic, murderous time in the south of the former Soviet Union when . . .

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The Sit In Sun Dolphin Aruba Review

5 Comments on the Sun Dolphin Aruba 

Ah, The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10. How do kaykers love thee? Let the Hughes lads count the ways.

Top 5 Things about the Sun Dolphin Aruba

First, here be a boat that beginners will enjoy first time out, but still a yak that many advanced paddlers rely on as a versatile, inexpensive second choice.

Sun Dolphin Aruba
Sun Dolphin Aruba

Secondly, tough as nails, eminently durable. Smith Hughes, being himself, likes its wide body, and the ensuing stability, even as the runway-model bow and only slightly more girthsome gunwales track sure, true, and easy. The technical specs of its body then: UV-stabilized Fortiflex® high-density polyethylene. Smith enjoys registered trademarks, their often made-up nomenclature especially.

Thirdly, it transports on terra firm almost as easily as it does on the river.

Fourthly, its large open cockpit encourages easy paddling from an adjustable, padded seat with protective thigh pads. Beginners can practice their strokes in peace on quiet rivers and smaller lakes.

Fifthly, the water-bottle holder. Voila! The Hughes brothers are always bemused by the general public’s furor over cup and bottle holders in their various modes of transportation, the smaller corporate jets included.

Enough enumeration.

Sit In Sun Dolphin Aruba Review and Overall Rating

That big cockpit – virtue four above – also makes for graceful entry and exit, while the Aruba welcomes rigging for anchoring systems, rod holders, even electronic gear – depth-finders and such. One thought here: this wide, wide kayak may call for a slightly longer paddle. Experiment for an outing or two, until you find the length that best maximizes the strengths of your frame. Same with the seat.

The epicurean Smith recommends an after-market seat cushion. He paddling in at six-feet-plus, two-hundred-pounds plus-plus, Smith spends his hours now on El Dorado Lake in comfort. Ah, sweet late-life comfort.

Now for the money. Shop around, prospective paddlers. Not only for price, but for colors as well. We found that the availability of the Aruba’s factory-based hues can be a come-and-go deal, quickly here and gone. Green seems almost always right there when you want. With the Sun Dolphin Aruba, your bucks will be similarly available.

– Mike Hughes

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Review of Sit-On-Top Kayak, The Perception Prodigy 10.0

Sit-on-top kayaks – those wherein the lower body does not disappear under the deck – work especially well for beginners, since they obviate the need for learning complicated techniques for exit in the event of a rollover. Enter the Perception Prodigy.

Review of Perception Prodigy 10
Review of Perception Prodigy 10

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Specs

Let’s get into this review of the Perception Prodigy 10.0. Ready for exploration of a nearby lake, a lazy old river. The Prodigy makes all best use of its size (in either ten or twelve-foot lengths): compact, lightweight, easy to store and to haul. Yet loaded with storage to keep fishing tackle and other gear close at hand — a small organizational, watertight miracle! The Prodigy’s hull is especially tough, durable enough for the frequent bumps and scrapes that always accompany first beginner outings in a new boat. And yet the boat, unrigged, weighs in at a skinny forty-two pounds. Has soft-grip handles forward and aft make transport kid-stuff. A skid plate astern protects your Prodigy amid loading/unloading and riverside drags. Versatile enough for any waters a beginning kayak might reasonably take on, the boat draws extra strength from a big bulkhead. The hatch nearby protects with double-density construction.

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Review and Overall Rating

The Perception Prodigy seating

Perception calls it a “Zone DLX system. An adjustable seat and foot braces with knee and thigh pads. It maximizes support, sustains comfort over extended paddling. Davis Hughes, probably the most sensitive of the brothers, awards five big stars to the Prodigy for its comfort. The rating meaningful after his recent five-day, portage-heavy float down the Arkansas River.  (And out here, in Hughes Country, the pronunciation is ar-kan’-zuz. Loud on the “zuz.”. Davis, also probably the most frugal of the Hugheses, really, really likes the Prodigy’s purchase price.

Prodigies track well, as they maintain stability — wakes from power boats operating thereabouts will not be a problem. Beginners will easily keep this boat straight and true, even in chop.

The Perception Prodigy Negatives

The only negatives here are the negatives of the species. These beginning kayaks do not usually involve cup holders, rigging for fishing equipment, or oarlocks. D. Hughes went looking for both stability and a price point coincident with his recent approach to the sport. He’s already saving his money toward the purchase of a second kayak. Perhaps a pedal-version next time, as his enjoyment of the sport grows day to day.

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Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Review

Want a kayak built around speed, maneuverability, and day-long comfort while fishing or cruising? Don’t we all? With the introduction of the 2017 iteration of the Predator PDL, venerable Old Town has given us a boat that integrates the company’s full century in the construction of able-bodied watercraft with design and engineering available only after three recent years of development. Here are the stability and ease of operation for which Old Town kayaks are rightly known. Here is a thorough review of the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak. review of the Predator PDL Kayak review of the Predator PDL Kayak

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Specs

Smith Hughes took the lead in testing the PDL. Smitty found “ease and smoothness of pedaling that, to my mind, sets the standard now.” Smith’s observation rises from the virtues of the PDL drive, quick forward and reverse high on the list. The first drive in the industry with the ability to float. It’s perhaps the most important feature of all for the often klutzy Smith. This kayak converts mild pedaling into maximized thrust. A 10.3:1 gear ratio jets the boat quickly to 5.5 mph. Once over the honey hole, fishermen can easily maintain hands-free positioning in wind and current and over the often shallow structure where the big old boys hide. Old Town’s proprietary prop, weedless of course, delivers all the torque needed for quiet cruising or an afternoon of casting into a breeze. The rudder could not work more smoothly, thanks in part to a control knob positioned for fast, easy steering.

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Review and Overall Rating

The Predator will stow or ready most of the gear in your garage. Recessed storage waits conveniently on both sides of the boat. The hatch opens wide and roomy, ready for bags in and then secure locking with a single click. Look for six removable mounting plates, strong and strategically placed for your customized use – rod holders, fish finders, slide tracks, GPS, whatever. The tank well is huge, accessible, and dry, just perfect for storing a cooler or tackle boxes, even a battery for your trolling motor. (Smith, we know, stashed a half-dozen sandwiches and two family-sized bags of chips.)

Leave it to Old Town to patent scupper holes . . . well, not the holes themselves, but the one-way valves which drain away any water sloshed into the boat.

Patents and proprietary technical stuff aside, the Predator has changed our brother. Now the confirmed gym teacher preaches to us the value of combining fitness and fun. Old Town be praised!

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Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak Review

Let’s get started with a fitting review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak. Native Watercraft has gone for a lean look and feel in the Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak, albeit with comfort of ride and space that belies its weight, at 79 pounds the lightest thirteen-foot pedal-drive on the market, able to be set in the bed of a pickup with no real problem.

Review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13
Review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13

The Propel 13 tracks quietly and efficiently – applause here to the boats sharp bow lines. The tunneled hull is especially solid in turns. An open deck means easy loading and unloading of gear at the ramp and easy accessibility to that gear on the water.

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel Specs

The Propel Drive System, with forward and reverse of course, means extra force in confronting wind and waves. The Propel Drive has proven itself over several years of use in various boat configurations. It now has the FX 13’s shallower hull. The speed will come easier still even as the boat encounters less resistance in cross currents. The boat accelerates nicely, a few revolutions on the pedals and off you go, at speed. Maintaining the desired, higher speeds presented no problems for any of us.

The builders at Native Watercraft have done ideal work in their melding of the hull and the drive unit. The prop engages fully with the water, and yet it tucks against the hull, minimizing the depth of water which the pedaler may enter safely. The rudder is durable molded rubber, with some nifty control cabling for nice, tight turn radii. No need for aftermarket modification, as has been the case on other Native Watercraft models.

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel Review and Overall Rating

Hours fishing or cruising on the UFXP13 come comfortably. This is do to a heightened seat position just below the gunwales. This new elevation will naturally make your stroke on the pedals more downward, a welcome change for the more senior of the Hughes set. Seat height notwithstanding, stability is excellent. Brother Mike Hughes has been whining about his back again, but he reports minimal difficulty in rising from the seated position.

Gear storage is thoughtfully located: track-mounted tackle and rod holder astern, under the seat for soft cooler bags, and groove tracks along the gunwales and decks fore and aft for mounting rod holders, stake-out poles, anchor cleats, and display units. The bow deck-cover does a reasonably good job in deflecting bowspray. Yakker and gear stay dry.

We liked this boats for all sorts of reasons, none more though than its immediate enjoyability. Off you go now.

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A Review of Winner Brand Kayaks

A word about Winner Kayaks

Winner kayaks, much like the people who make them, are everywhere. We speak, of course, of the Chinese. The Chinese are past masters of mass production. The Winner kayak is a paradigm of the Sino manufacturing model: volume, volume, volume, and one size pretty much does fit all. If money is the over-riding factor in your decision to purchase one kayak over another, some Winner model should serve your purposes. Do not, however, make the mistake of climbing into one of the boats discussed elsewhere in these pages. The contrast will break your yakking heart.

The Winner is reasonably stable, fairly easy to paddle. Their product line demonstrates best the Chinese understanding of color as the only appreciable point of difference. If we go introducing variables such as seating positions, volume and configuration of storage, well. The Chinese will have to go all-American and charge the higher price of the better boats.

Once again, John Howard Hughes took the lead in our examination of the Winner Dreamer, solo version. His report on the boat itself formed the basis of the first paragraph above. The big snot spent almost as much time with the Dreamer’s promotional literature as with the kayak itself. Down-to-earth, smiling, and non-judgmental in virtually all social situations. He does become quite the literary snob in the matter of Chinese-to-English translations of feature/benefit advertising copy. He hooted for two days over the following sentences from Winner’s all-products brochure. “It is the seaworthiness and stability that provide the basis for the sit on top, but it is carried out at the expense of efficiency and maneuverability. This, alas, is a price worth paying for fun that result. With durability a major factor in the design, that smile will last for many years to come.”

Winner Kayak Review and overall Rating

 So. Alas, we can recommend Winners only as the boat for budgets hovering right at rock-bottom.