Should you take lessons before beginning to kayak?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

The unique method of propelling a kayak – unlike the oars in a boat or oar in a canoe – seems simple enough. Deceptively simple. So much so that, without a lesson, your first hours on the water in your brand-new thousand-dollar kayak might involve little more than once more going around a perpetual circle.

Breathing is more important than paddling.

Nasty word, “capsize.”

Your lesson from a certified kayaking instructor will go far beyond paddling in a straight line. The very architecture of a kayak invites spillage. Built originally for speed and maneuverability, kayak design has progressed far and wide in the matter of stability.

That said, a beginning kayaker is a prime candidate for being all upside-down in the water, gasping for air from a spill that came just flat out of nowhere.

A lesson. A lesson. A lesson by all means.