Do I need a Skid Plate on my Pedal Kayak?

A little love for your Pedal Kayak Skid Plate

Not all kayaks come with a skid plate. (A strip of hardened plastic, along the keel, at the stern.) If your boat happens to include one, be sure to check this easily replaced, but quite critical part from time time. Designed to absorb the damage that inevitably comes from transporting your boat or from shoving it over low-water obstacles – the shallow bottoms that sometimes just cannot be avoided – the skid plate maximizes the overall toughness of your boat.

The skid plate must always, always ride flush with the hull. The factory-installed plate should endure quite well for several years. Nonetheless, the Hugheses (Boy Scouts all) suggest that you always keep a replacement plate in your hatch.

Loosen two bolts, remove, replace. That simple. That important.