A Review of Winner Brand Kayaks

A word about Winner Kayaks

Winner kayaks, much like the people who make them, are everywhere. We speak, of course, of the Chinese. The Chinese are past masters of mass production. The Winner kayak is a paradigm of the Sino manufacturing model: volume, volume, volume, and one size pretty much does fit all. If money is the over-riding factor in your decision to purchase one kayak over another, some Winner model should serve your purposes. Do not, however, make the mistake of climbing into one of the boats discussed elsewhere in these pages. The contrast will break your yakking heart.

The Winner is reasonably stable, fairly easy to paddle. Their product line demonstrates best the Chinese understanding of color as the only appreciable point of difference. If we go introducing variables such as seating positions, volume and configuration of storage, well. The Chinese will have to go all-American and charge the higher price of the better boats.

Once again, John Howard Hughes took the lead in our examination of the Winner Dreamer, solo version. His report on the boat itself formed the basis of the first paragraph above. The big snot spent almost as much time with the Dreamer’s promotional literature as with the kayak itself. Down-to-earth, smiling, and non-judgmental in virtually all social situations. He does become quite the literary snob in the matter of Chinese-to-English translations of feature/benefit advertising copy. He hooted for two days over the following sentences from Winner’s all-products brochure. “It is the seaworthiness and stability that provide the basis for the sit on top, but it is carried out at the expense of efficiency and maneuverability. This, alas, is a price worth paying for fun that result. With durability a major factor in the design, that smile will last for many years to come.”

Winner Kayak Review and overall Rating

 So. Alas, we can recommend Winners only as the boat for budgets hovering right at rock-bottom.