Eddyline Equinox Kayak Review

We Hughes folk have adventure in our bloodlines – French Foreign Legion, Austrian actresses, the occasional CIA task – and so we offer here a hard push at the outside edges of “beginning kayaker.” With your new Equinox sit-inside kayak will come a perfect balance between the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak and the performance of a sea kayak. Let’s do this Eddyline Equinox Kayak Review, proper like.

Eddyline Equinox
Eddyline Equinox

Equinox by Eddyline Specs

The chines are hard and harder still. The V hull is shallow. And so your Equinox tracks superbly and leans with you into turns at once true but a little wide. Its length, an easily managed fourteen feet, ensures hull speeds unto those of the long-time sea kayaker. Good gliding right here. The beam reaches a full two feet and more, all the stability even the most ambitious of beginning paddlers could want. No rudder, no skeg necessary here. Stand by for relaxed photography and fishing.

The cockpit is, oh, not overlarge. The keyhole shape gives you a seat composed of a three-way, padded backrest, a reasonably comfortable padded seat, molded thigh braces matched with Sea Dog (Damn! Not a registered trademark.) foot braces welcoming to the most tender of bare feet. Eddyline tells us that these braces are “ergonomic.” Good. And those thigh braces deliver finely tuned control to the smallest of paddlers.

Bunjis on the front, recessed deck fittings, retractable carry handles, and security loops answer all your practical, no-nonsense questions. As does the Equinox’s weight, light and then some for all its strength and room, but ready to load in the back of a pickup, even atop a Jeep. Eddyline calls its hull material Carbonlite 2000, a name suggestive of manageable strength, resistant to the banging, the dinging of launching, landing, and loading. Notice bulkheads and hatches fore and aft, the hatches dry even under heavy splashing and big enough to hold overnight camping equipment. An Eddyline spray skirt adds to warm-and-dry all around.

Equinox by Eddyline Review and Overall Rating

Also, the Equinox is quite beautiful, with style and color that will draw attention shoreside, envy on the water. We invite you to share the Hughes family’s enthusiasm for this especially well-built dual-purpose boat. It reminds us of that romantic, murderous time in the south of the former Soviet Union when . . .

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