Motorized Fissot Fishing Kayak Review

We can call it a review, of sorts. Friends, the Hughes Brothers come from a long line of English speakers. And so, please . . . please believe us when we stand before you to tell of what seems to be a fine boat, a serviceable and good kayak buried under glib tonnages of broken English. We speak, of course, of the Fissot fishing kayak.

Advantages are kayaks designing and making process.

Fissot Fishing Kayak Review by
Fissot Fishing Kayak Review by

From the boat’s own web page, we bring you the following.

“Fissot, an excellent kayaks and canoes vendor ,have the experience of making kayaks over 18 years. Our advantages are kayaks designing and making process. Some of engineer are from EU, they know what is good kayak should be. Processing is the results, we focus on every details, that is why we can be trusted.”

And no, we did not intentionally misplace the comma in the first line of this blurb. At, you will read . . . “kayaks and canoes vendor ,have” – that silly comma wayward and awkward in its decision to appear any damned where it wants in a Fissot sentence.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The Engineering?

Some of engineer are from EU.

Then, old buds, there come some lines you just can’t argue with, one’s impartiality as an objective judge of kayaks – as we Hughes Brothers hold ourselves out to be – going right out the window. As we learn, “FISSOT IS A NAME OF LIGHTWEIGHT KAYAKS”.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, we believe you, Dear Fissot, ma’am or sir.

One more paragraph, and we’re done.

“High stability, labour salving and easy to operation are very important characters for a good fishing kayaks. Fissot fishing kayaks, with the folding designing, become more stable and most important, you can keep standing. To save labour, we take 40lbs motor to drive the kayak. Multi-fishing rod support provided also makes you easy to hand it.”

Alright, alright, we lied.

These lovable folks just won’t stop. You smokers out there, consider the following: advice from Fissot about burns in the bottom of your new yak. We promise, promise, promise you that we snarky Hughes bros – Jimmy Hughes, in particular — have lifted this sales copy just real directly, very honestly, quite verbatimly from the Fissot site.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The maintenance of the carpet

Now the family is decorated in, more and more use of carpet, there are some is the whole picture, there are some just piece of block. How the carpet maintenance of how to do?

1. avoid cigarette butts. Now the carpet has the characteristics of flame retardant. But not every a carpet with flame retardant function.Whether flame retardant or ordinary carpet, once the cigarette fall into it, the minimum will be burnt out a small coke. Therefore, when laying carpet, inside the home should have a small piece of leftover material.When appear this kind of situation, use first cut head cut off the burned part carpet wool, reoccupy cut a small part of the head of the leftover material blanket wool clippings, with glue after finishing the burning in the pit.Wait for after its are fully dry comb.

2. the whole carpet can after some time, please use the professional cleaning company mechanical cleaning.Specific cycle can be based on the fouling degree.

3. if the stains in the carpet.If it seems appropriate USES milk soak moment, reoccupy hair is brushed dip in milk brushs mop can.If it is animal and plant oil stains can dip in with cotton the gas with more expensive purity is wiped.Fruit juice and beer, juice, should dip in with soft cloth first washing powder solution is wiped, reoccupy warm water with a little vinegar added solution to swab.Such as killing ironmould, can be in corrupt place sprinkle fine salt dust and use warm water mixed fluid of soap is brushed except.

Enough. Enough already. Enough.

Fissot Fishing Kayak – The test?

The hard fact is: the Hughes brothers did not test this boat. We have never seen the boat for sale in any of the Kansas towns where we drink. We know of no one who has ever, ever stepped foot in the stained, burned carpet of a Fissot’s bottom. But there are these outriggers, these extensions off the beam, that suggest a stability like nothing else on the water.

If Cindy Hughes can’t safely cast her wooly worm sixty, seventy feet standing full-upright in a Fissot, then we just don’t know what Fissot is talking about.

Please help us penetrate the further features, the genuine benefits of this boat. We Hugheses suspect there might be a truly nice, nice yak buried under the sales bluster that old Rich there in Shanghai never did bother to translate.

Here’s his number. Richard Cell phone:+86 18621754480

Ask him if the Hughes boys are wrong to recommend his yak.

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