Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak Review

Let’s get started with a fitting review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak. Native Watercraft has gone for a lean look and feel in the Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak, albeit with comfort of ride and space that belies its weight, at 79 pounds the lightest thirteen-foot pedal-drive on the market, able to be set in the bed of a pickup with no real problem.

Review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13
Review of the Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13

The Propel 13 tracks quietly and efficiently – applause here to the boats sharp bow lines. The tunneled hull is especially solid in turns. An open deck means easy loading and unloading of gear at the ramp and easy accessibility to that gear on the water.

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel Specs

The Propel Drive System, with forward and reverse of course, means extra force in confronting wind and waves. The Propel Drive has proven itself over several years of use in various boat configurations. It now has the FX 13’s shallower hull. The speed will come easier still even as the boat encounters less resistance in cross currents. The boat accelerates nicely, a few revolutions on the pedals and off you go, at speed. Maintaining the desired, higher speeds presented no problems for any of us.

The builders at Native Watercraft have done ideal work in their melding of the hull and the drive unit. The prop engages fully with the water, and yet it tucks against the hull, minimizing the depth of water which the pedaler may enter safely. The rudder is durable molded rubber, with some nifty control cabling for nice, tight turn radii. No need for aftermarket modification, as has been the case on other Native Watercraft models.

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel Review and Overall Rating

Hours fishing or cruising on the UFXP13 come comfortably. This is do to a heightened seat position just below the gunwales. This new elevation will naturally make your stroke on the pedals more downward, a welcome change for the more senior of the Hughes set. Seat height notwithstanding, stability is excellent. Brother Mike Hughes has been whining about his back again, but he reports minimal difficulty in rising from the seated position.

Gear storage is thoughtfully located: track-mounted tackle and rod holder astern, under the seat for soft cooler bags, and groove tracks along the gunwales and decks fore and aft for mounting rod holders, stake-out poles, anchor cleats, and display units. The bow deck-cover does a reasonably good job in deflecting bowspray. Yakker and gear stay dry.

We liked this boats for all sorts of reasons, none more though than its immediate enjoyability. Off you go now.

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