Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Review

Want a kayak built around speed, maneuverability, and day-long comfort while fishing or cruising? Don’t we all? With the introduction of the 2017 iteration of the Predator PDL, venerable Old Town has given us a boat that integrates the company’s full century in the construction of able-bodied watercraft with design and engineering available only after three recent years of development. Here are the stability and ease of operation for which Old Town kayaks are rightly known. Here is a thorough review of the Old Town Predator PDL Kayak.

hughesreviews.com review of the Predator PDL Kayak
hughesreviews.com review of the Predator PDL Kayak

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Specs

Smith Hughes took the lead in testing the PDL. Smitty found “ease and smoothness of pedaling that, to my mind, sets the standard now.” Smith’s observation rises from the virtues of the PDL drive, quick forward and reverse high on the list. The first drive in the industry with the ability to float. It’s perhaps the most important feature of all for the often klutzy Smith. This kayak converts mild pedaling into maximized thrust. A 10.3:1 gear ratio jets the boat quickly to 5.5 mph. Once over the honey hole, fishermen can easily maintain hands-free positioning in wind and current and over the often shallow structure where the big old boys hide. Old Town’s proprietary prop, weedless of course, delivers all the torque needed for quiet cruising or an afternoon of casting into a breeze. The rudder could not work more smoothly, thanks in part to a control knob positioned for fast, easy steering.

The Old Town Predator PDL Kayak Review and Overall Rating

The Predator will stow or ready most of the gear in your garage. Recessed storage waits conveniently on both sides of the boat. The hatch opens wide and roomy, ready for bags in and then secure locking with a single click. Look for six removable mounting plates, strong and strategically placed for your customized use – rod holders, fish finders, slide tracks, GPS, whatever. The tank well is huge, accessible, and dry, just perfect for storing a cooler or tackle boxes, even a battery for your trolling motor. (Smith, we know, stashed a half-dozen sandwiches and two family-sized bags of chips.)

Leave it to Old Town to patent scupper holes . . . well, not the holes themselves, but the one-way valves which drain away any water sloshed into the boat.

Patents and proprietary technical stuff aside, the Predator has changed our brother. Now the confirmed gym teacher preaches to us the value of combining fitness and fun. Old Town be praised!

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