Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Review

Perception has managed to put something for everyone in its line, and none of its yaks are more democratic, more welcoming to paddlers of all abilities than the Pescador Pilot. At twelve feet fore to aft, the Pilot finds a middle ground between ease of handling in and out of the water and the tight tracking and occasional speed sometimes necessary in a fishing boat.

Review of the Pescador Pilot 12.0 Sonic
Review of the Pescador Pilot 12.0 Sonic

The Perception Kayak Propeller Review

The Pilot Drive propeller system stands front and center, seeming effortless at times in its propulsion, such is the fluidity of the system’s performance – even in reverse, as your new kayak moves you silently over the structures you most want to fish. Smart and smart some more, Pilot Drive works from an optimized gear ratio, the source of all this smoothness, all this efficiency of movement. The Pilot Drive quickly stows in the hull for launching, landing, and shallow water. One-handed, low-profile rudder control means tight turning radii.

Sister Cindy introduced us to this boat last fall, and its virtues hereto described match up with her needs in a kayak almost exactly.

Perception Kayak comfort

As does the kayak’s comfort. The Pilot earns high marks for good feeling as well, largely because of a fully adjustable (distance to pedals and position of seat back) mesh chair. A little experimentation in both fishing and cruising modes will alert you to the best possible place for your bad self to ride. Zonal mesh makes the removable chair cool and reassuring, as air flows over, under, in and out to keep the sweat glands as inactive as possible.

Cindy has, in her quiet way, become even more of a gear-head than her brothers. The Pilot’s spacious, multi-use, customizable storage and accessory mounts serve her well. She with her no-nonsense insistence on that doodad right there be always and immediately available to her. Open storage fore and aft stows coolers and tackle boxes. A stretch-mesh cover secures the bow storage, and slots seatside make staging of tackle a snap.

Much of the Pilot’s room arises, of course, from its sit-on-top design. Cindy has found that she rides drier on her Pilot than on other sit-on-top models she’s test-pedaled. She also reports, “And it’s stable, very stable, even when I’m standing.” (As when, her brothers have noticed, she continues to increase distances on her 5-weight 9’ Orvis.)

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Specs:

– LENGTH: 12′ 5″ / 381 cm

– WIDTH: 33.75″ / 85.73 cm

– BOAT WEIGHT: 85 lbs. / 38 kg

– DECK HEIGHT: 16″ / 41 cm

– MAX CAPACITY: 475 lbs. / 216 kg

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Fishing Kayak Review and Rating

Maximized durability here. Weight optimized. Eminently trackable. Buoyant and then some. Economic in its slice through the water. And stout, stout as can be, thanks to high-density polyethylene, leakproof, one-piece construction and all the exceptional UV, impact, and abrasion-resistance that come along as happy by-products. Perception uses proprietary resins in an innovative rotational molding process that allows the integration of features and the variance of thicknesses throughout for strength and stability where needed, without added weight. Cockpit access is free, open, and easy. All about, here and there in the Pilot come drink holders, recessed resting spots for small items – pliers, lures, flyboxes, whatever – and molded-in rod holders. Perception’s Power-Pole anchoring system is not included, but this popular add-on attaches quickly to a mounting point with hull access.

The Pilot portages well. A handy, easily-replaced skid plate means draggability with no fear of damage to the hull. Soft-touch handles come along to soothe time in transport.

A note for all you pedalers in coastal waters: stainless steel and brass hardware on the boat and the drive are ocean and saltwater-optimized, preventing corrosion for long-lasting good times.

Our sister knows her stuff. Case in point right here with Perception’s Pilot twelve-footer.

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