Review of the Hobie Angler 17T Kayak

Hobie has built on the popularity of Models 12 and 14 with the introduction of the 17T, operating now at arguably the pinnacle of kayak fishing. And easy, peaceful cruising as well.

But this boat shows itself best from its angler’s heart. Every advantage of its design adapted to successful, thoroughly enjoyable species-specific fishing. Lucky owners can rig their 17T for the catch of the day, and the craft’s seemingly intuitive response is – like the 17T itself – solid, efficient, dynamic.

Review of the Hobie Angler 17T PEDAL KAYAKS REVIEW
Review of the Hobie Angler 17T

The advantages begin with the pedal-drive Hobie calls “Mirage Drive with Glide Technology.” It’s a finned system that flicks away from underwater obstacles while multiplying the hands-free power your flexed larger muscle groups are creating.

Hobie Angler 17T Kayak specs

The seating, for one or two yakkers, comes along for the long haul. It’s comfortable and supportive across long hours on the water. Each seat adjusts up, down, in, out, and all around, conforming nicely to the needs of differing physiques. The seats configure as needed: in-line tandem, face-to-face – just right for fishing with a kiddo – or, of course, single. This last set-up (ready made for Wilson Hughes, the most self-contained of our review team) delivers more usable space than even the biggest gear-head fisherperson could ever overfill.

Get this: the 17T carries a dozen rods no sweat.

A big old rectangular hatch serves both cockpits. Included – a pivoting tackle management system with Plano tackle boxes thoughtfully part of your purchase.

Hobie Angler 17T Kayak Review and overall Rating

Rightly, Hobie has named its mounting system “the H-Rail.” It’s twenty feet of access to customized placement of accessories ranging from a cup holder to a paddle to a sail to a stakeout pole. More major additions await – a Lowrance fishfinder set to install, an aft platform ready for a twelve-volt battery for a trolling motor, a beverage cooler, or a crate for more stuff, all the way up to nine hundred pounds.

At a fully rigged weight of 244 pounds, the boat is heavy, a workable trade-out for a great ride and maximized stability.

The 17T is not for everybody. Of course. If you live to fish, the 17T will take you and your gear exactly where you want to live.


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