Review of Sit-On-Top Kayak, The Perception Prodigy 10.0

Sit-on-top kayaks – those wherein the lower body does not disappear under the deck – work especially well for beginners, since they obviate the need for learning complicated techniques for exit in the event of a rollover. Enter the Perception Prodigy.

Review of Perception Prodigy 10
Review of Perception Prodigy 10

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Specs

Let’s get into this review of the Perception Prodigy 10.0. Ready for exploration of a nearby lake, a lazy old river. The Prodigy makes all best use of its size (in either ten or twelve-foot lengths): compact, lightweight, easy to store and to haul. Yet loaded with storage to keep fishing tackle and other gear close at hand — a small organizational, watertight miracle! The Prodigy’s hull is especially tough, durable enough for the frequent bumps and scrapes that always accompany first beginner outings in a new boat. And yet the boat, unrigged, weighs in at a skinny forty-two pounds. Has soft-grip handles forward and aft make transport kid-stuff. A skid plate astern protects your Prodigy amid loading/unloading and riverside drags. Versatile enough for any waters a beginning kayak might reasonably take on, the boat draws extra strength from a big bulkhead. The hatch nearby protects with double-density construction.

Perception Prodigy 10.0 Review and Overall Rating

The Perception Prodigy seating

Perception calls it a “Zone DLX system. An adjustable seat and foot braces with knee and thigh pads. It maximizes support, sustains comfort over extended paddling. Davis Hughes, probably the most sensitive of the brothers, awards five big stars to the Prodigy for its comfort. The rating meaningful after his recent five-day, portage-heavy float down the Arkansas River.  (And out here, in Hughes Country, the pronunciation is ar-kan’-zuz. Loud on the “zuz.”. Davis, also probably the most frugal of the Hugheses, really, really likes the Prodigy’s purchase price.

Prodigies track well, as they maintain stability — wakes from power boats operating thereabouts will not be a problem. Beginners will easily keep this boat straight and true, even in chop.

The Perception Prodigy Negatives

The only negatives here are the negatives of the species. These beginning kayaks do not usually involve cup holders, rigging for fishing equipment, or oarlocks. D. Hughes went looking for both stability and a price point coincident with his recent approach to the sport. He’s already saving his money toward the purchase of a second kayak. Perhaps a pedal-version next time, as his enjoyment of the sport grows day to day.

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