The Sit In Sun Dolphin Aruba Review

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Ah, The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10. How do kaykers love thee? Let the Hughes lads count the ways.

Top 5 Things about the Sun Dolphin Aruba

First, here be a boat that beginners will enjoy first time out, but still a yak that many advanced paddlers rely on as a versatile, inexpensive second choice.

Sun Dolphin Aruba
Sun Dolphin Aruba

Secondly, tough as nails, eminently durable. Smith Hughes, being himself, likes its wide body, and the ensuing stability, even as the runway-model bow and only slightly more girthsome gunwales track sure, true, and easy. The technical specs of its body then: UV-stabilized Fortiflex® high-density polyethylene. Smith enjoys registered trademarks, their often made-up nomenclature especially.

Thirdly, it transports on terra firm almost as easily as it does on the river.

Fourthly, its large open cockpit encourages easy paddling from an adjustable, padded seat with protective thigh pads. Beginners can practice their strokes in peace on quiet rivers and smaller lakes.

Fifthly, the water-bottle holder. Voila! The Hughes brothers are always bemused by the general public’s furor over cup and bottle holders in their various modes of transportation, the smaller corporate jets included.

Enough enumeration.

Sit In Sun Dolphin Aruba Review and Overall Rating

That big cockpit – virtue four above – also makes for graceful entry and exit, while the Aruba welcomes rigging for anchoring systems, rod holders, even electronic gear – depth-finders and such. One thought here: this wide, wide kayak may call for a slightly longer paddle. Experiment for an outing or two, until you find the length that best maximizes the strengths of your frame. Same with the seat.

The epicurean Smith recommends an after-market seat cushion. He paddling in at six-feet-plus, two-hundred-pounds plus-plus, Smith spends his hours now on El Dorado Lake in comfort. Ah, sweet late-life comfort.

Now for the money. Shop around, prospective paddlers. Not only for price, but for colors as well. We found that the availability of the Aruba’s factory-based hues can be a come-and-go deal, quickly here and gone. Green seems almost always right there when you want. With the Sun Dolphin Aruba, your bucks will be similarly available.

– Mike Hughes

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